The Savannah River Band clans are as follows, the names in parentheses being the simplified forms: 

Bear, Wolf,Deer,Turtle, Panther,Fox, Wind, Fish, Raccoon, Catfish

Rabbit, Squirrel, Turkey, Eagle,Hawk, Dove, Alligator, Spider, Ant, Butterfly, Bee

The male and female  population of the Village, is subdivided into three  social classes, which have certain village offices and functions in the ceremonies inherent in them. These classes are chief and warrior, Noble,  Commoner and Servants and inheritance in flows through the Mother regard to clanship. Property is handed down partly through Mother to son  inheritance being thus often clan rather than individual.  Tribal clans of different classes are distinguished by head dress. and clothing.


The society officials are a village chief and priest, Nobles, Commoners and Servants, a Chief is chosen from the chief class of certain leading clans; a leader of ceremonies and representative from the warrior class of certain clans, with 3 secondary chiefs and 3 secondary warriors from certain clans. There are, besides, other officials chosen from certain clans and classes, who have charge of different stages of the ceremonies. Unanimous acclamation constitutes appointment to an office. The Village itself, represented by its chief and priest and warriors, regulates the ceremonies and matters of an internal nature or those dealing with outsiders or other Villages.


Chairman Brown's Clan

Rankins Taylor Clan

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