Virginia passed two acts in 1682 that combined Native Americans and Africans into one category as “negroes and other slaves.



The word “Black” may include all Negroes, but the term “Negro” does not include all Black persons...We are of the opinion that the words “White”, “Negro”, “Mulatto”, and “Black person”, whenever they occur in our constitution...must be taken in their generic sense...that the words “Black person”, in the 14th section must be taken as contra distinguished from White, and necessarily includes all races other than the Caucasian (The People v. Hall, Oct. 1, 1854, as cited in Forbes, 1993, p.65).



The “science” of racial myth, as initiated by the eighteenth-century Carl von Linné (“Carolus Linnaeus”) and Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, color-coded Europe as “white,” Asia as “yellow,” Africa as “black,” and America as “red” without the slightest regard to the facts.30 (Neither Linné nor Blumenbach had ever seen any of the people they presumed to describe and classify.)

The American Indian who became reclassified as Free person of Colored and Colored, Mulatto  was place under the umbrella of Negro. 

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