Chief Spiritual Walk with his Gohanesha Priest

Chief spiritual walk connecting with our Ancient Ancestors at our burial mounds. The Medium and The Spiritual Orb. The Ancient ones have spoken. Your Chief is Listening. I am humble and honored to be bless to recieved the connection and blessings from them. When your are Indigenous and aboriginal to the soil the path is clear. We have no desire to seek any monetary gain. The Great Spirit and the Universe will provide for us. As a result the Ancient Ancestors are well please. This is about Hertiage, Family and Blood. This is who we are as a people. We are Yuchi\Euchee Many of our ancestors refuse to be removed from our lands and as result they faught and died. Those that survived ended up under the umbrella of slavery and Jim Crow. Those that died. Their Spirits are with us. they requested to come to our holy grounds and with the help of a choosen one I came. The message is clear restore our Nation and return the principle ways of old.This message is for those who have eyes to see and ears the listen. The rest can totally Disregard and step to the sideline. We are no longer underground under the colonial umbrella of being lable as colored or free persons of colored. We are the Indigenous and Aboriginal Euchee of the Savannah River where we have been for over thousand years, We been called by many different names over time. I will say it in the words of our Ancestors PAhA yOnû, sôKAnAnô

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