Biological Warfare use by the british Small Pox

Small pox weapon of war
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The Savannah River Band Home land Old Barnwell County  Now Allendale SC

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Principal Chief of Savannah River Band of Euchee Indians Tribal Nation. Walking Eagle Langley explains the history of local masscre to Golden Eagle Langley. Both are the Maternal 4th Generations Grandsons of Richard and Florence Dunbar and the Henry and Lousia Langley. The Mass killings of American Indians in Millette and Martin and Hattiville in the late 1800's, These Native Americans where lable as colored  Three generations of family members wipe completely out. Ages range from  3 days old, 3 months and 6 months babies where killed along with there mothers and grand mothers,  These graves are at Saint Marys Church.  These are family blood relatives to many members at Saint Mary. It is beyond shame that this history has not been told. Saint Mary's Church itself is built on Native American Burial Grounds.  There is a misconception that when slavery comes to mind, As we know it we think of African. I am here to set the record straight  there was more Indian Slavery than African Slavery in South Carolina and Georgia.

Masscre in old barnwell county now Allendale
The killings of Euchee Indians who were lable as Colored or Negros in the late 1880's This brought about a wave of killings by whites and Natives that lasted until 1925
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south carolina low country indians map.p[...]
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Native Americans of South Carolina Low c[...]
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South Carolina County Boundaries 1682-17[...]
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Chairman of the Orangeburg, South Caroli[...]
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16000 years of history in Yuchi Homeland
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