zOyaha, Autonomous, Indigenous, Uchean

The Savannah River Band of Euchee(Yuchi) Indians tribal Nation  have been dedicated to preservings the rights of our people by governing through the bloodline of our mothers. The accomplishment and furtherance of the SRB Tribe's long-range goals involving the return of our Ancestors land, Perserve our language, culture, history, genealogies. We are america's first nation of people, we are indigious and aborignal to the soil.  We dont believe federal acknowledge should be use as a tool given by design to say who are real indians and who are not.  Certainly if the true be told and DNA came to play the majority of the federal Recongnize tribes are not Aborignal nor they Indigious to these lands. Yes it true many are native born. We are not a tribe of adopted nationalize citizens. We are the Euchee(Yuchi). The Children of the Sun, The Unconquered  Indigious  Free People of Colored.  We will continue to be self suffient, and promote our Ecomonic developments  by prospering in Aborignal health and wealth. 





Tsoyaha Tribal Council

In Loving Memory Tribal Matriarch

Ms Holafa Agaley(Ruby Lee Langley)

Morning Glory

Mother of the Savannah River Owl Clan

The Prayer Keeper 


Brown's Clan Mother

Patricia Golden

Precious Dove

Tribal Secretary

Clerk of Court



Director, Tribal Conferences and Events 

Barbara Rankin Stevens



Director of Economic Development

Business Vison, Strategy and Tactics 

Caona Wefafa Nay     


Deputy Chief 

Director of Tribal Housing and Reservation Development, The Mound Builder     

Caona Tsyasuti


Headman Security

Headman Black Eagle Village

Caona Ishpi Wey


David Brown Jr 

Tribal Chairman

Silver Fox

Euchee Dave  


Building a Bridge to the Digital Divide Coming Soon!! The Uchean Call Data Center

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