This Savage is guilty of espionage. Public Enemy number one. We want his body remove from the grave, and tried for treason, hung and burned at noon along the river banks

Andrew Jacksons Spy

Timothy Barnard was the first white man known to be a resident of the lands now called Macon County. He was a man of unusual intellect. Marrying into the Euchee Tribe of Indians, he became a member of the tribe and as such, he gained influence over the Indians, controlling their politics and holding them ever loyal, not only to the white man but to the United States Government. Barnard's Settlement, on the Flint, was a popular place between 1790 and 1820.


Timothy Barnard, Diplomat, Interpreter, and Principal Temporary Agent for Indian Affairs south of the Ohio River, whose settlement was on Flint River in Macon County.   Click on the photo to view his story 

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