The Indigenous E-Learning Program attracts a wide cross section of students, many of whom come to Cofitachequi specifically for the Indigenous Learning Program.



The Division of Indigenous Learning is committed to providing both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students with fundamental understanding of Aboriginal history, culture and values. It subscribes to the concept that a well-rounded educational experience is acquired through a combination of traditional academic disciplines and culturally relevant/sensitive activities. The Division of Indigenous Learning encourages students to consider both the interdisciplinary opportunities offered by Cofitachequi well as the knowledge shared by the Aboriginal community as the optimum means of furthering their understanding of Aboriginal Peoples and the community of Aboriginal Peoples. The goal of the Division is to help to provide for an increasing awareness/appreciation of the life experience of Aboriginal Peoples with a view to creating an environment of understanding and trust amongst all Peoples.





The Indigenous E-Learning program attracts a wide cross section of students, many of whom come to Cofitachequi specifically for the Indigenous Learning program. Although the majority of students enrolled in the program, or Indigenous E-Learning courses, are from Southearn communities in the United States,  the program is design to attrach students from all over the world. Because of the experiential learning basis of the program, the diversity of the student population helps to provide for a broadly based Virtual classroom experience.


The Indigenous Learning program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to not only appreciate and respect the circumstances of Aboriginal Peoples but also to successfully participate in both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community. Armed with analytical skills that comes from survey construction, census analysis, archival research and the perusal of government records and combined with an appreciation and an understanding of the Aboriginal community, Indigenous E-Learning students are well suited to confront the realities of  life.l, Indigenous E-Learning students have successfully utilized the skills acquired through the program.


Lonzado - Uchean "Uchee" Heritage
Indigenous Research Master Virtual Instructor
E-Campus Palacholas
Colonial Law and Racial reclassification studies of Indigenous People. Expert Forensic Genealogist, Professional Researcher
Renee - Gaule Heritage
Indigenous Research Master Virtual Instructor
25 years of research of the Indian Slave trade and the transactive slave trade. subject matter expert on the Columbus and Desto expanditions.
Sheila Saluda Heritage
Dean of Indigenous E-Student Services
Professional researcher in the fields of African heritage, native heritage and genealogy-primary focus is on life in the Savannah River area of Georgia and South Carolina. Curriculum design, program development and management, instructor training, student instruction and counseling
Barbara- Uchee Heritage
Indigenous Board of Trustee Chairwoman
Professional Researcher, Program Developer, Social media Consultant

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