We dedicate this section to those who are insearch of their ancestors. Native Americans were first to become slaves long before the Europeans enslave the Africans

Creek Indian Records

Click on the photo 

 American Indian  census rolls and records

Freedman Indian Rolls  Click Here

Click on the Photo to Search Freedman

 Freedman click here 

Seminole Records.

Georgia Records

Georgia  slave History  click Here 

South Carolina Records

Old Barnwell South Carolina   the Largest slave population in the South    Click Here 

Free People of Colored in 1790
1790 South Carolina.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [113.6 KB]

South Carolina Slavery  Records  Click Here 

Free People of Colored in the 1800
1800 South Carolina1.pdf
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South Carolina Slavery Records Continue   Click Here 

South Carolina Slave Narratives  Click Here 

South Carolina census records  click here 

North Carolina Records

North Carolina Salvery Records  Click here 

North Carolina Slave Records Click Here

North Carolina Slave Narratives  Click Here 

SC, GA, FL Resources

Resource center for SC, GA, FL  Click Here 

Eastern Indians records

Slave Narratives

Slave Narratives are a good Genealogy Resources. 

Indian Pioneer Papers

Indian Pioneers 

Family Tree Template
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Family Tree
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Building a Bridge to the Digital Divide Coming Soon!! The Uchean Call Data Center


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