Searching the burial grounds for Mar Mee and Lousia Shick our Paternal Grand Mothers

Our  oral history , teaches we were created by the Sun, a visible manifestation of the Creator, and the first Yuchi man was Tsoyaha, meaning "Offspring of the Sun." Tsoyaha is also the Yuchi name for themselves as a tribe. Our language that is very unique not closely related to any known language. Little is share about the Yuchi at the time of their first encounter with Europeans. In 1567, Spanish explorer Juan Pardo noted the existence of a group whom he identified alternatively as "Uchi" and "Huchi," although his reasons for this remain unclear.
By the end of the seventeenth century, We(Yuchi) become more clearly identifiable in the documentary record. In this period, they appear to have resided in a wide range of locales across the Southeast, with the center of gravity of Yuchi life shifting south and east toward the English settlements in South Carolina and, after its founding, Georgia. Georgia was created as a buffer zone to prevent us the Yuchi from raiding near plantations and freeing slaves both Our Native Brothers and Africans and their African Descendents to escape to spanish Florida. Very little is told about the underground railroad going South rather than North. 
During the first half of the eighteenth century, the Yuchi inhabited several towns on the Savannah River. We the Yuchi Still remain on the savannah today.

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