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Each historical lecture or Workshop  is negotiated between the speaker and the society, university or group. Some societies and some speakers have contracts for these events. However, here are some general guidelines for both speakers and societies.


  • Contacts the speaker of choice well in advance of the event and advertises only after a written agreement is reached.
  • Provide the speaker with a  written confirmation of the engagement including topics, arrangements, and compensation.
  • Sends the speaker  a draft of promotional materials including proposed presentation schedule.
  • Organizes the event including location, publicity, and logistics.
  • Provides the required audio-visual equipment.
  • Appoints a host to assist the speaker with local arrangements.
  • Compensates speaker at close of the event, according to agreed terms which may include honorarium, travel, and other expenses.


Speakers, Lectures, 

  • Will Provide a  written confirmation of the engagement including the topics to be presented.
  • Informs society in advance about requirements including audio-visual needs and any special dietary or lodging needs.
  • Sends handout material, if any, in advance to allow society to duplicate it, and includes written permission for the society to print.
  • Gives well-organized, educational lectures on the agreed-upon topics.
  • Provides information and materials in a timely fashion.


Society and Speaker

  • Each should maintain communication with the other about arrangements for the event.

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