The Native American and Indigenous Studies minor, offered by Savannah River Chiefdoms  is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental major  which focuses onf the history, cultures, religions, languages, arts, and literatures of American Indians of the Americas. Participating departments included History, Anthropology, English, and Linguistics.

The Native American and Indigenous Studies Program exposes students to arts, cultures, histories, and literatures beyond the dominant narratives of western European culture and its legacy. SRC Classes will open doors to new and different ways of viewing the world, new approaches to the environment and science, new concepts in history, politics, and religion, new ways of telling stories, of maintaining families and cultures, and even perceptions of time and space.

Online Tutoring - for family genealogist and historians

Colonial Law and History - Research and Study Groups

Southeastern  American Indian Ethnic Indentity - Research and  Study groups

Genetic Genealogy - Research and Study Groups

Ethnic Anthropology -  Research and Study Group

Religious Anthropology - Research and  Study Group

Topography- Research and Study Groups

Building a Bridge to the Digital Divide Coming Soon!! The Uchean Call Data Center

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