Spanish moss was boiled, brewed into a tea and administered as a treatment for fevers and chills by the Hourma and Natchez tribes, two Native American groups from Louisiana. Native groups throughout South America used Spanish moss teas for treating contraction pains in women giving birth and to ease rheumatism.
The Beaufort County Library website reports that the ability of extracts of Spanish moss to alter blood glucose levels was studied by researchers in 1998 at the Northeast Louisiana University. This study and several others, according to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center located at the University of Texas at Austin, have found that Spanish moss contains a compound that may help control blood glucose levels. The compound, 3-hydroxy-methylglutaric acid or HMG, is used as a major ingredient in several natural diabetic supplements.
Spanish moss contains compounds that can prevent the effects of aging on skin and putting Moss in the bottom of your shoes lowers High Blood Pressure. The FDA strongly encourages all potential users of any non-approved substance to consult their physicians and discontinue use if they experience any symptoms resembling an allergic reaction, including difficulty breathing, unexplained swelling or skin rashes and hives

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