Colonial Court Records

List of Indian Slaves, Free Indians, and Free Negro who are identified in colonial court records without last names



Orders 1697-1703,

pp. 210, 211, 213, 218, 230, 231, 235, 237, ages of a total of ten Indian slaves adjudged.


p.244, December 1699, Indian Roger runaway serve extra time.


p.251, March 1699/1700, Henry Trent brings his servant Nick an East Indian adjudged 11 years old.


Orders 1710-14

pp. 34, 36, Charles Indian was by the Sheriff brought to the Court upon suspition of murdering a white boy named Thomas Pratt ... deneyed the fact ... no one appearing to prosecute discharged paying fees.


28 December 1712, This day Indian Oliver acknowledges himself indebted to John Lecat a large chest buck Skin


Orders 1714-17,

p. 10a, 14 April 1715, Sebastian Croper against Long Indian Johney for 140 pds.


p.36a, 28 Oct. 1717, Jonathan Chambers complained that Long James Indian was justly indebted to him.


Orders 1717-9, p.14, 9 July 1718, Matt Indian stands indebted to Griffin Savage Twelve drum fish, 6 days work & 12 armes length roanoak.


Orders 1724-31, p.55, 5 May 1726, This Day Annis a Malato petitioned the Court setting forth that she & her children worked on the plantation of Peter Cornelius decd., by agreement with him ye sd. Peter. She to have half of tobacco & potato made on sd plantation.


Orders 1731-6, p.132, 3 September 1734, An Indian boy named Charlton Son of Betty an Indian Woman is now bound to William Finney to be a shoemaker.


Orders 1744-53, pp.283-4, Presentment of Church Wardens against Isabell a free Negro Woman for having a Bastard child ... George Douglas security. Ordered Sam and Sabra two children of the above named Isabell bound to Adam Miser ... Sam 3 months old ... a shoemaker ... Sabra two years old.



Wills & Deeds 1748-52, p.8, 22 July 1749 inventory of Bernard Gaines:

Sam a Molattoe boy to serve to 31 years of age - 20 pounds



Orders 1737-46, p.276b, 21 July 1744, Ordered the Church Wardens bind out a mulatto girl living with James Akins.

p.277b, 17 August 1744, Ordered the Church Wardens bind out Peter, a boy, and Effie and Ann, girls, children of Sarah a mulatto woman.

p.384a, 16 November 1745, to Harry a free Indian, 1 old wolf, by Wm. Watson.


Orders 1746-51, p.9, 20 June 1746, Ordered the Church wardens bind out Charles, Jemmy, Bobb and Isaac Indian Children to Diborah an Indian woman to Samuel Jordan.


p.95, 20 June 1748, Richard Denn ... for taking up Will a Mulattoe Boy servant belonging to Henry Robertson.


Orders 1751-5, 29 June 1753, Ordered the Church Wardens of Nottoway Parish bind out Cyrus son of Judy a Malatto boy to George Walker according to Law.


p.217, 29 February 1755, Ordered that Jeffrey a Mallatto boy Living at Thomas Broadway's be bound out to the said Broadway.


Orders 1757-60,

p.272, 28 February 1760, ordered the Church wardens of Raleigh Parish bind out Hannah a Free Negro Girl and Sam a Free Negro Boy to William Bevill.


Orders 1760-1763,

p.16 26 June 1760, Ordered the Church Wardens of Raleigh Parish bind out Lewis a Free Negro Boy to William Bevill.



pp. 90, 95, 22 May and 26 June 1766, Presentment of William Southall for not listing Alley a Mulatto Tithable ... on hearing his excuse is dismissed.


Orders 1767-8, p.88, 22 October 1767, Churchwardens of Raleigh Parish bind Nan a free Mulatto to James Souther (Southall).


Orders 1769-72, not paginated, 22 February 1770, Churchwardens of Raleigh Parish bind out Nan a free Mulatto girl.


24 October 1771, Churchwardens of Raleigh Parish bind out Hannah, Sam & Lewis Free Mulattoes that formerly lived with Wm Bevill, deceased.


Amelia County Tithables 1736-1771,

1736, List of Tithables Below Deep Creek,

James Sturdivant at his quarter } Peter an Indian

John Evens: Indian fellow Jack, Indian Wench Betty, Negro Wench Kate 4

Robert Evens, Mullotto fellow Robin } 2

Peter Mitchell his Quarter: Robin an Indian } 1

John Gilliam at his Quarter, Indian fellow Hall } 1

1743, Edward Booker's list, below Flatt and Nibbs Creeks, Indian Haney



Wills 1772-1778, pp.296-8, appraisal of the estate of John Hind, deceased:

Will a Malato free at 31 years of age now 16 years old - 35 pounds

taken 16 May 1782.


Orders 1773-4 p.469, 18 May 1774,

on Motion of Henry Hall ordered that his servant woman Catherine serve him twelve months for the trouble of his having in charge a Mullato Bastard.

Orders 1774-9, p. 206, 19 August 1777, Nat an Indian boy in the custody of Mary Greenlee who detains him as a slave complains that he is held in unlawful slavery. Commission to take depositions in Carolina or else where.

p.230, 17 September 1777, On the complaint of Nat an Indian or Mustee Boy who says he is detained by Mary Greenlee...

p. 308, Petition of Nat a Mullatoe or Indian Boy to be set free from service of Mary Greenlee...nothing appeared to the Court but a bill of sale for Ten Pounds from one Sherwood Harris of Granville County, North Carolina that through several assignments was made over to James Greenlee deceased, late husband to the said Mary...said Mullatoe or Indian Boy is a free man & no slave.


Wills 1778-1787, p.250, appraisal of the estate of Joseph Wright, decd., order of court 20 August 1782:

1 Reed to Indian James Tanner - 10 shilings

1 pair shoes to Indian James Tanner 5 shillings

1 rifle to Indian James Tanner 1 pound, 1 shilling


pp. 296-7, 16 May 1782 appraisal of the estate of John Hind, decd.

Will a Mulato free at 31 years of age now 16 years old - 35 pounds



Orders 1763-71,

p.275, August 1766, churchwardens bind Billy a Mullatto Boy son of a Mellato woman named Betty to William Lee.



Orders 1732-41,

On the motion of Clement Reed, Gent., Ordered that his Mulatto Servant Woman Frank be added to the List of Tithables.


Orders 1745-49,

It appearing that Jack a boy son of Sary a Mulatto was born whilst the said Sarah was in the service of Drury Stith, Gent., and has been raised at his expence on the Motion of the sd. Drury It is ordered that the Church Wardens of the Parish of Saint Andrew in this County bind the said Jack a servant to the said Drury According to Law.


Will Book 2, 1739-1785,

p. 11, inventory of Capt. Robert Hicks, to one Indian man named Will. 5 March 1739/40.


p.18-19, Further inventory of Drury Stith, Gent., 4 September 1740.

To a Mulato boy Named Moses bound til the age of 21 - 5 pounds,


Will Book 3, 1751-1769

pp. 133-8, 12 October 1753 will of James Parrish, daughter Mary one Negro girl named Cheny and a Negro girl named Phillis and an Indian Servant named Farthing with all their increase.



Orders 1759-63, p.5, 12 April 1759, It is ordered that Lucinder, a Negro servant belonging to Ben: Hubbard, Gent., serve her master after her time of service is expired for three months' absence and 172 pounds of expense.

p.203, 14 May 1761, It is ordered John Gillison be summoned to next Court to show cause why Daniel, a free Negro, should not be bound out according to Law.

p.449, 16 July 1763, Daniel, a free Negro, agt. Jacob Tinsley. Trespass, assault and battery ... defendant is guilty ... Ordered that Daniel, a free Negro, pay Michael McDonald for fourteen days attendance against Jacob Tinsley.



Orders 1655-65,

p.374 20 April 1663, John Busby of Surry to Mr. William Rollinson one Indian Boy about ye age of 5 years for ye term & time of (blot)

p.378, The Indian youth lately dwelling with Mr. Rice Hoe complayning for illegal detention ... to dwell & continue with Theodorick Bland, Esq., until further claime agst. him.


p.390, 3 June 1663, Petition of thomas ye Indian lately detained in service by Mr. Rice Hoe ... referred until ye next court at wch time ye said Hoe is ordered to produce & present due proof that ye said Indian was legally and justly deatined as his servt.


Orders 1687-95,

p.144, August 1688

Robin an Indian servant to David Williamson is adjudged 7 years old.

p.180, October 1688, Jenny an Indian Girle servt. to James Denson is adjudged 5 years old.

p.244, October 1689, One Indian girle named Besse servt. to Jo: Mattux is adjudged 6 years old.

p.263, December 1689, Roger an Indian ... Richd. Bradford.

p.295, August 1690, Jenny an Indian girle belonging to Ralph Jackson 6 years old.

Jacke an Indian servt. to Joseph Patteson 8 years old.


p.298, August 1690, Jno. Williams petitioning this Courte that an indian woman of his hath lately been guilty of the sin of fornication, praying ye benefitt of ye law thereon, It is thereupon the opinion of this Courte that the Indian Woman is not within our laws for that Crime & ye petition is dismissed.


p.314, December 1690, Thomas Mayo an Indian belonging to Jno. Evans is adjudged 14 years old.

p.332, February 1690/1, Mem: an Indian boy named Jeffrey belonging to Jno: Royston is an insolvent & soe is noted by the Court that he was an insolvent in ye year 1688.

p.349, June 1691, Mary an Indian servt. to James Adams 6 years old.

p.351, June 1691, Benj. Fostor's Indian named Besse 7 years old.

p.353, August 1691, Jacke an Indian slave to Solomon Crooke is adjudged.

Robt. an Indian belonging to ye estate of Rineer Anderson 10 years old.

p.361, October 1691, Mary an Indian belonging to Jno. Douglas 6 years old.

p.385, February 1691/2, An Indian girle named Joan belonging to Jno. Fountain 7 years old.

p.395, 24 March 1691/2, Ja: Parham's certificate for (taking up) an Indian woman slave belonging Wm. Lux of Isle of Wight.

p.406, August 1692, Hanah an Indian Girle of William Wilkins 8 years old.

Jack an Indian boy of William Wilkins 12 years old.

Ned an Indian boy of William Wilkins 10 years old.

p.409, August 1692, Jack an Indian boy of Thomas Chapell 7 years old.

p.415, September 1692, Robert an Indian boy of Benjn. Foster's 5 years old.

p.421, October 1692, Jenny an Indian Girle of Thomas Harrison 11 years old.

p.451, April 1693, complaint of an Indian woman belonging to John Williams court.

p.458, June 1693, Mary an Indian Girle of Samuel Tatum's 7 years old.

p.461, Sue an Indian girle of James Jones 7 years.

Sarah an Indian girle of James Jones, Jun., 4 years.

p.464, August 1693, ordered John Williams pay unto his Indian woman Franck corn and clothes.

p.474, December 1693, Thom an Indian Boy of John Pybus 10 years.

Jack an Indian boy of John Heath 7 years.

p.482, February 1693/4, Tom an Indian of Joseph Pateson 4 years.

p.505, July 1694, Sarah an Indian of John Lewis 12 years.

Dick an Indian of Mathew Parham 7 years.

p.507, August 1694, Jack an Indian of John Winningham 7 years.

Robin an Indian of John Winningham 4 years.

Will an Indian of Thomas Thrower 5 years.




Will Book 1, 1749-1765

pp. 178-9, 6 June 1755, inventory of Godfrey Ragsdale

Ned Melatto to be free in three years 18 pounds

Nan ditto 5 pounds


p.325, will of William Akin, Senr., Dale Parish, to wife Elizabeth 3 slaves to wit Dick and Doll Negroes and Robin an Indian slave. 26 August 1757.

p.326, inventory of William Akin, Senr., 14 June 1761

six Negroes.


pp.342-3, John Clay will: to Jeremiah Bass, son of Mary Bass being now my wife, three Negroes one named Peter, one Chance and Febey...wife Mary three Negroes Indian Peter, Indian Jude and Phillis. 15 November 1761.


p.344, John Clay inventory, undated, returned 19 August 1763 [Orders 1759-67, 459]:

one Negro Bowser, one Negro Peter, one Indian Peter, on Mulato James, one Mulato Sam, Negro Combo, Mulato woman Nann, Indian woman Jude, Indian girl Chance, Mulato girl Anica, Mulato Boy Frank.


Henry Clay, Senior, will

pp. 544-8, 574

8 March 1749, son William Clay...Henry Clay...Charles Clay...John wife Negro man Lewis, Negro Jo and Sue, Nann, Jenny & Sarah, rest of slaves equally divided.


p.350, Henry Clay, Sr., estate, undated, returned 7 November 1760 [OB 1759-67, 90]:

Mulatto woman Phillis, Mulatto man slave James, Mulatto woman slave Phil, Mulatto lad slave Ned, Mulatto woman slave Sarah, Indian man slave Peter, Negro man slave Cumbo, Negro lad slave Cumbo, Mulatto girl slave named Rachel, Mulatto child slave name Hannah, Mulatto child slave named Frank, Stephen, Mulatto lad slave named Sam, Mulatto girl named Rachel.


Will Book 2, 1765-1774

pp.20-21, will of Elizabeth Akin ... son James Akin one Indian fellow name Bob. 1 July 1771.


p.215, 25 April, estate of Wm Trent,

To one Indian woman slave named Moll 35 pounds

To one Indian woman slave named Judah 25 pounds

To one Negro girl slave named Sarah 55 pounds


Orders 1754-1759

p.25, 6 December 1754, Churchwardens of Dale Parish bind to trades John and Peter children of Indian Betty.

p.117, 1 August 1755, on the petition of Nann a Mulatto and with the consent of Mary Ragsdale her reputed Mistress, it is ordered the said Nann be hereafter a free person.


p.155, 6 February 1756, Churchwardens of Dale Parish bind Lucy daughter of free Amy.


p.223, 17 September 1756, John Rowlet produced a certificate for taking up a runaway Indian slave belonging to John Clay.


p.523, 5 May 1759, examination of George Grissell charged with murdering John an Indian ... ought to be tried at Williamsburg.


Orders 1759-67

p.12, August 1759, Church Wardens of Dale Parish bind Will son of Arrabella a Mulato to Thomas Donalo.

p.115, March 1761, Church Wardens bind Apprentice Moll, Joe, Sarah, Daniel, Children of Effe and Nan Mulatoes.

p.224, June 1762, Church Wardens bind Jesse a Mulato.


Orders 1767-71

p.10, September 1753 (sic), trial of Sam an Indian slave of Peter Ashbrooke the younger for breaking into the house of William Fraser ... stand at the pillory with both ears nailed thereto one hour & one of his ears cut loose and thirty nine lashes.


p.312, 7 July 1769, John, Ben, Hanah & Wm. poor children of Indian Molly to be bound by the churchwardens as apprentices.


p.388, 6 April 1770, on motion of Sibbell, an Indian woman held in slavery by Joseph Ashbrooke, have leave to prosecute for her freedom in forma pauperis.

p.405, Sibbell an Indian wench v. Joseph Ashbrooke, for pltf. to take deposition of Elizabeth Blankenship and Thomas Womack.

p.456, Sybill a Mulattto vs. Joseph Ashbrooke dismissed.


Orders 1771-4,

p.58, 3 January 1772, Syliva Matt Patt Mason Tom & Joe children of Lewis to be bound apprentice by the Church wardens to John Stover.

p.294, 2 July 1773, Churchwardens of Manchester Parish bind Indian Chance and Frank, children of Jude


p.352, 5 Novemer 1773, Ordered that Ann an bound out by the Church wardens of Manchester Parish


p. 413, 4 March 1774, Molly and Lucy, children of Mulatto Fanny, be bound apprentices by the Churchwardens of Dale Parish.


Orders 1774-84, p.160, Churchwardens of Manchester Parish bind John, son of Mulatto Nan, Betty and Patty, children of Mulatto Sall.



Orders 1752-8, March 1755, p.251

churchwardens of King William Parish bind Morning Basdale, daughter of Hannah Basdale, and Jack & Jane, children of Moll a free Negro.

Deed Book 6, 10 April 1779, Leonard Smith of Louisa County sells to William Davenport of Cumberland County a mulatto girl Jenney about 12 years of age till she is freed by law or arrives to the age of 21 and Davenport doth promise to Smith that he will provide for and allow sd. Jenney sufficient meat, drink, and apparel.



Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1684-1699

pp. 87, 134-6, 12 January 1692/3, appraisement of Capt. William Marshall: two negro men Sipio & Blowboy 50 pounds

two negro women Sarah & Nanie 45 pounds

one Indian woman if a slave for life 25 pounds

one negro boy Thomas five years old 10 pounds


Orders 1692-1699

p.130, 18 May 1698, Doctor George Ianson of Gloster County, plt brought his action agt Capt. Henry Jenkins, defendt, for detaining an Indian manservant named Jack, in value 60 pounds sterling.


Deeds, Wills, Inventories, 1715-21,

pp. 49-50, Last will of James Burtell ... If anybody will give 75 pounds current money of Va. for my negro woman Kate and her child it is good. If not she and child may be sold by outcry and also my negro Coffee and Injon jack. 10 September 1716.


Orders 1715-21,

p.21, Petition of Thomas, an Indian man, suing Execs of Willm. Armistead gent dec'd for his freedom ... it appears to the Ct. that the Indian was sold but for thirty-one years and it also appears that the time is expired. Ordered that the Indian be set free.


p.34, The Court held of Oyer & Terminer the 23rd day of June 1716 for Trying of Jack and Cesar Negr and mellato belonging to John Smith and Joa an Indian Man belonging to Mr. Edmond Kearny and Hago Symo belonging to Mr. George Walker ... Cesar ... acquitted ... Negro Jack thirty nine lashes and Joa twenty-five.


Orders 1724-30,

p. 211, 20 July 1727, Matthew, an Indian, for his freedom from Major Henry Irwin, dismissed.


Orders 1731-47,

p.293, 22 July 1742, Ordered that Jack a Negro boy an Apprentice to William Langley be brought before the next Court to be bound out to some other Person or otherways disposed of as the Court shall see fit.



Orders 1708-14, p.51, 10 August 1708, Mr. John Lomax bringing before ____ Servant Indian Man named John and makeing appear ____ said servant hath absented himself from his the sd. Lomax's service by running away ye space of 26 days ... serve 52 days for absence & 15 months.


Deeds & Wills No. 14, 1711-1716,

p.256, Inventory of the Estate of James Fullerston,

6 Negro men at 30 pounds a piece

1 Indian boy Twenty pounds

10 June 1714


pp.680-4, will of Francis Gouldman of the parish of St. Anne

My will and mind is that my Negro Jack a carpenter be freed from slavery so soon after my decease as he has done the carpenters work is wanting to my kitchen belonging to my dwelling house. 9 January 1715/6, proved 21 November 1716.


Deeds & Wills No. 15, 1716-1718

p.55, 8 May 1717, Inventory of Elizabeth Taliafero

one negro man named George 25 pounds

one littl Indian girle named Jenney 5 pounds


Orders 1716-23, p.116, 18 February 1717/8, The petition of John Mills, Junr. to have his servt. woman who had a molatto child to be adjudg'd &c is rejected.


Wills, Bonds, Inventories, etc., 1722-1730

p. 193-4, will of Susanna Bryant, wife of Thomas Bryant dated 30 Jan 1725. Negro woman named Nann be free at my death and have the liberty to live with some of my children and also have 30 shillings paid her yearly so long as she lives.


p.225, 15 August 1727, inventory of Charles Brown, One Mulatto woman 3 years to serve.


pp. 334-6, will of William Southfarnham, 28 Jan 1728, My Negro man Exeter be immediately after my decease at liberty to worke to maintaine himselfe


Orders 1723-5,

p.60, 19 November 1723, Petition of Lucy alias Locia for her Freedom from Mr. John Armistead ... ordered that she the said Locia & all her Children be & remain in the Custody of the Sheriff of this County till the tryal.

p.79, 22 January 1723, In the suit brot. by Lucy als. Locia agt. Jno Armistead for ye Freedom of her self & her children ... continued till next Court for the Last Will &c of Richard Loes deced to be produced.

p.88, 18 February 1723/4, petition of Lucy alias Locia ... dismist.


Orders 1725-9,

p.1, 16 March 1725, John Calan ... for beating & Abuseing Lucy alias Lotia a Negro: it appearing by the confession of sd Calan to be true. It is ordered yt. he be & remain in the Custody of ye Sheriff till he gives bond & security in ye sum of Twenty pounds Currt. money for his good behavr.

p.66, 19 October 1726, The suit brot. by James Jones agt. Lucy alias Litia is dismist.

p. 163, 16 August 1727, The suit brot. by Robt. Jones agt. Lucy alias Lotia is dimist.


p.81, 17 January 1726/7, It is ordered that Richard Tyler, Junr., be summoned to appear at next Court to answer the petition of Letty an Indian woman.

p.245a, 20 August 1728, Letty, an Indian woman, against Richard Tyler, Junr., ... We the Jury find that the Plt. is a free Woman.

p.246, 20 August 1728, Ordered that Letty, an Indian Woman, pay William Hudson for attending seven day as an Evidence.


Will Book 5, 1731-1735

pp.82-4, will of Thomas cousin John Page... a messenger to go to my sd cousin on Newse River in North Carolina...lend my Mollato man Ben during my sd cousin's decease the sd Ben to be then free reserving to my sd cousin's heirs one month servitude every year during his life every December month. 1 April 1732, proved 26 May 1732.


pp.86-8, inventory of Thomas Brant.

1 murlater man named Ben Gool 30 pounds. 22 June 1732.


pp.285-7, inventory of Mary Nall. 24 June 1734.

1 molater boy named James Adkins 4 pounds.


Orders 1733-1736, p.220, 25 June 1736, On the petition of Robert Edmonson praying the court direct the Church Wardens of St. Ann's Parish do bind to him three Mullatto bastard children named Frank, Rachel, & James which the pet'r for some time past has taken care of & maintained at his own charge. It is ordered the Church Wardens bind the said children as the law directs.


Orders 1736-1738,

p.128, 19 July 1737, Richard Tyler, Gent., making it appear to the Court that Frank a free negro is not capable to bring up her children in a Christian manner. It is therefore ordered that the same be certified to the Church Wardens of Southfarnham Parish that they may bind out the sd children according to Law.


Richard Tyler, Gent., informing the Court that he has in his possession a free negro girl named Betty whose mother is dead ... Church wardens of South farnham Parish may bind out the said girl.


21 May 1738, p.259, It is ordered that the Church wardens of South farnham Parish do bind out Will & James two free born Indians who are now in the possession of Mr. Henry Young as the law directs.


1745-47, p.46, 18 June 1745, Ordered that Sarah a Negroe which is now in the Custody of Elias Newman have liberty to bring suit against the said Elias in Forma Pauperis.

p.77, 17 July 1745, Sarah a Negro Woman against Elias Newman } Trespass and False Imprisonment. John Lewis her attorney ... Elias prays time til next month.

pp.169-171, 20 June 1746. Remembered that on 20 June 1740 came Sarah a Negroe woman by John Martin her attorney exhibited into Court his certain Bill: Sarah a Negro woman complains of Elias Newman for that on 1 June 1743 made an assault on her in Parish of St. Ann and took and impressed her ... delivered her in the said prison a long time (that is to say for the space of one whole [sic] from then Following other injuries 50 pounds and now 12 July next after. prays time next court says at time of suit was and yet is a slave at the time of her suing was and yet is a free woman of (sic) not a slave will 20 January 1738

Will of Elizabeth Mosely of Essex County nephew Elias Newman lend to Martha Newman daughter of Elias Newman my Negro Girl Sary into the said day come to the age of twenty years after the expiry of which said term of years I will that she the said Sary be free.

We agree that the Negro Sary in the will mentioned is the plaintiff.

Proved 20 November 1739. Newman appealed to General Court 1746.

We agree plaintiff was 21 years at time of suit brought.


Will Book 8, 1747-1750,

p.123, 20 December 1748 inventory of the estate of Henry Samuel, deceased.

Mulatto Girl named Jude 12 pounds

Mulatto boy named Daniel 8 pounds

Servant named Sarah Johnson 1 pound/ 10 shillings


p.351, Inventory of Henry Young, Gent., deceased, returned 21 August 1750

Negro man named om 25 pounds, Joe 35 pounds, Will 15 pounds, Frank 40 pounds, Tom 40 pounds, Dover 45 pounds, Richmond 45 pounds.

Indian Will about 4 years to serve 10 pounds

Indian James about 6 years to serve 15 pounds.


Will Book 9, 1750-1754, p.84, Memorandum. Frank a free Indian who died 5 August 1751...gave to Capt. Tyler her four youngest chidlren Sarah, George, Humphrey and Betty until they attain to the year of twenty one each and all her estate upon condition that Capt. Tyler pay her debts and bury her which deposition she made the Tuesday before her death and desired me to take notice as witness. signed John Minter, Catherine Tyler. August 8, 1751. Proved 20 August 1751.


p.79, Inventory of the estate of Robert Edmundson, deceased, dated 7 August 1751. five Negro men, 3 Negro women, 4 Negro boys

1 Indentured Molatto named Jamey 8 pounds.


Orders 1749-51, p.243, 19 March 1750/1, Fanny said to be a free Indian moving the Court to have her child taken from one Hezekiah Brown who she said was sold to by Benja. Haile. It is therefore ordered that the said Benja. Haile be summoned to answer the same.


Orders 1751-1752, p.75, 20 August 1751, The nuncupative will of Frank a free Indian was proved by the oaths of John Minter and Catherine Tyler the witnesses. Ordered the Church wardens of South Farnham Parish bind Martin (an orphan of free Frank deceased) to John Minter who is to learn him the trade of carpenter.

ditto, Sarah, George, Humphrey & Betty free Indians & orphans of said Frank.


p.198, 19 May 1752, Cuffy a Negroe man against James Gray Merchant } Trespass Assault & Battery. ... find the Plaintiff is a free man from hence forth be and remain a Freeman ... recover costs.


1759-61, p.116, 18 February 1760, Ordered the Church wardens of South Farnham Parish bind Adam a Free Indian the Child of Free Letty according to Law.

p.145, 21 April 1760, Adam a child of Letty a free Indian woman, adjudged to be six years of age which is ordered to be certified. Ordered the Church wardens of South Farnham Parish bind out Adam a child of Letty a free Indian woman according to Law.


p.205, 17 November 1760, Ordered the Church wardens of South Farnham Parish bind out Rubin and Will Children of free Sarah to John Richards, the said Rubin to learn the trade of cooper and Will the trade of Shoe maker.


1763-1764, 16 August 1763, p.16, Ordered the Church wardens of Southfarnham Parish do bind Frank orphan of Indian Letty according to Law.

p.97, 22 November 1763, Order the Church wardens of St. Ann's Parish bind out Hester, Edmund and Meridy children of a free Mulatto to serve as the Law directs.


1764-1767, p.10, 18 February 1765, Ordered the Church Wardens of St. Ann's Parish do bind out Tom son of Free Jane to serve and be provided for as the law directs.


20 August 1766, p.405, Ordered that the Church Wardens of Saint Ann's Parish bind out Reuben and James free Negroes according to Law.



Orders 1749-54,

p.14 20 June 1749, Churchwardens of Truro Parish to bind Jane a Mullatto child about seven years of age to Joseph Johnson.


p.214, On the motion of Tom supposed to be a slave leave is granted him to sue for his freedom. George Johnston, Gent., is assigned his counsel.


Minutes 1763-5,

(not paginated) 10 October 1763, Ordered that Amos a Mulatto child be bound to Thos. Cockburne by the Church Wardens.


Will Book B, 1742-52,

p. 167, will of Henry Okean of Truro Parish, I have one Negro wench named Rachel which I set free from me and my heirs forever. 2 Juen 1746, proved 15 July 1746.

p.180, Inventory of Henry Okean: one negro woman Rachel 35 pounds


pp. 172-3, inventory of Mr. Tephaniah Wade, appraised 11 & 12 August 1746:

Slaves Negro Harry, Gabriel, Moll, Indian Tom.


pp. 228-9, will of John my Doughter Hanner Taylor a Molatto girl named Mary Fitsgarrel. 1 May 1748. proved 17 May 1748.


p. 244, inventory of John Taylor, deceased.

1 Molatto servant girl 12 pounds


pp. 294-5, will of Presley Neal of Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, to daughter Jemima Neal Mulatto Jean Honest. 27 April 1749, proved 26 September 1749.


Will Book C-1, 1767-1776,

pp. 81-2, inventory of Joshua Ferguson, deceased

1 Molatto girl named Jane to serve to the age of thirty one - 25 pounds

returned 18 June 1770


pp.92-3, inventory of William Moore

1 Mulatto servant woman named Jane with one year & 4 months to serve - 7 pounds

returned 19 November 1770.


pp. 130-1, inventory of Benjamin Sebastian

Jane Morrison 11 months servitude 1 pound, 10 shillings

returned 18 May 1772.


pp. 134-6, will of Daniel French of Fairfax County, wife Penelope everything except two Mulattoes one a lad named Dick and the other a young woman named nan: to whom I have already given their discharge and freedom under my hand and seal: and it is my will and particular desire tht the two Mulattoes named Dick and Nan do forever enjoy their freedom. 20 May 1771, proved 29 May 1772.


p.249, inventory of Peter Wagener, Gent., deceased

1 mulato named Wilderness who has about 18 months to serve - 15 pounds

returned 16 September 1776.



Minutes 1768-73,

p.163, 26 February 1770, Ordered that the Church Wardens of Hamilton Parish bind Pegg, a Mulatto to Robert Sanders according to Law.


p.267, 26 November 1770, Ordered the Church Wardens of Hamilton Parish bind Hetty, a Mulatto, to James Murry.



Orders 1743-5, p.178, 1 September 1744, William Wilson and Daniel Stillwell produced a certificate under the hand of Lewis Neill, Gent., dated 5th July 1744 for taking up two runaways; vizt., a Mulatto man named Benjamin Gol and an Indian man named John Sedom who were committed to the custody of the sheriff of this county.

Will Book 1, pp.412-3, Dorothy Cartmell of Opeckan in Frederick County, widow, Negro woman Peg to my grandson Edward to set the Negro free at the expiration of five years. 20 April 1749. Proved 14 November 1750.

Orders 1753-4,

p.466, 9 May 1754, An Indian girl supposed of the Cataubo Nation remain in the hands of Robt. Pearis until further ordered.


Orders 1754-5,

p.85, 5 September 1754, Church Wardens of Frederick Parish bind Reubin a mulatto child of the age of thirteen months to John Armstrong.


Orders 1778-81,

p.238, 7 September 1779, Church Wardens bind Mays a Mulatto child aged six 1 January last to George Rice to learn to read, write & sew.


p.262, 3 November 1779, Church Wardens bin Isaac, son of Mary a free negro aged six to Isaac Brown.




Orders 1730-1,

p.13, July 1730, churchwardens of St. James bind to Amos Lad Hannah a mullatto orphan girl bound to learn to read & sew & spin.


p.46, November 1731, Ordered Moll a Mulatto girl be bound by the Church Wardens of St. James Parish to John Williams.


p.179, August 1731, Ordered that Tom the Son of Dole a Mulatto be bound by the Church Wardens of St. James Parish unto James Cocke.


Orders 1731-1735

p.16, November 1731, Moll a Mulatto girl be bound by the church wardens of St. James Parish to James Williams.

p.357, May 1735, Diana an Orphan base born child bound by the Church Wardens of St. James Parish to Thomas Allinson.


Orders 1735-41

p. 54, May 1736, Lavina an orphan bound by the Church Wardens of St. James Parish to Thomas Allinson.


Orders 1744-9, p.99, August 1745, Abraham a Mullatto being Son of Moll Servant to John Williams ordered bound by the Church Wardens of Wortham parish to sd. J. Williams.


p.270, March 1746, Church Wardens of Southam Parish bind Jenny a Mulatto Girl to Thomas Walker.



Deeds 1752-9,

p.507, 20 July 1758, Joseph Mays of Halifax County to George Watkins of same one negro man slave called Sambo, 2 indian slaves named Buck & James.


Orders 1764-6, Plea Book 5, Part 1,

p.226, September 1765, Ordered tht the Churchwardens of Antrim Parish do bind Fanny, Veice, and Archer, 3 children of an Indian woman, to William Thompson.


Orders 1773-4, Pleas 8,

p.74, 20 March 1773, Churchwardens of Anterim Parish bind Tom, Joe, and Peter, three Mulatto children to Nathaniel Terry, Gentleman.

p.90, 15 April 1773, above order suspended for one year.




Order Book 1678-93,

p.51, 21 February 1677/8, Inventory of Wm Farrar:

One Indian boy named Will, another named Jack, 2800 pds tobacco per boy


p.135, 1 February 1682/3, An Indian Girle named Matt (who came in amongst the English before the last act of assembly) belonging to Thomas Jefferson and by him brought to this Worshipful court is adjudged seven yeares of age.

An Indian boy named Dick (who came in amongst the English before the last act of assembly) belonging to Richd Parker...six years of age


p.136, An Indian boy named Robin, who came in amongst the English before the act of assembly concerning Indians, belonging to Mr. Tho: Chamberlayne...fourteen years of age.


p.138, 2 April 1683, Pegg an Indian Girle belonging to Joseph Berkett, adjudged age thirteen and is to serve as comeing in amongst the English since the last act of assembly.

Jenny, an Indian Girle belonging to William Randolph adjudged age eleven and is to serve as comeing in amongst the English since the last act of assembly.


p.139, James an Indian boy belonging to George Archer adjudged age nine

Indian Slaves brought to court to have their ages adjudged (name, age, master:


p.140, 1 June 1683, Jack an Indian boy belonging to Capt. William Randolph and coming in before the late act making Indians slaves, adjudged age six.


Betty an Indian Girl belonging to Peter Ashbrook adjudged age seven, coming in before the late act making Indians slaves.


James an Indian boy belonging to Abraham Childers coming in before the late act making Indians slaves adjudged age eight.

p.141, Byddy an Indian girl belonging to Capt. Thomas Cocke coming in before the late act making Indians slaves adjudged age six.

Joshua an Indian boy belonging to Joseph Tanner coming in before the late act making Indians slaves adjudged age five.

Robin an Indian boy belonging to William Clark, coming in before the late act making Indians slaves, adjudged age ten.

Edmund an Indian boy belonging to Robert Sharp, coming in before the late act making Indians slaves, adjudged fourteen years of age.


p. 146, 1 August 1683, Nat an Indian boy belonging to Capt. William Randolph and comeing in amongst ye English since ye late act makeing Indians slaves adjudged seventeen years of age.


p.150, 1 August 1683, Robin an Indian belonging to Martin Elam is adjudged four years of age.

Pegg an Indian girl belonging to Mr. Charles Blanchett adjudged eight years of age.

Jack an Indian boy belonging to Robert Bullington adjudged fifteen years of age.

Rosse an Indian boy belonging to Edward Ward (who was formerly sold to Mr. Richard Ward, decd., at ye outcry made of ye estate of Capt. John Knowles, decd.) being adjudged fifteen years of age.

Jack an Indian boy belonging to Thomas Wells (who came in amongst ye English since ye late act makeing Indians slaves) adjudged sixteen.

Gilbert Elam Junr.'s Indian boy named Will (who came in amongst ye English since ye late act making Indians slaves) adjudged six years.

Mr. Thomas Farrar's Indian boy named Harry (who came in amongst ye English since ye late act making Indians slaves) adjudged ten.

Mr. Thomas Osborne's Indian girl named Mary (who came in amongst ye English since ye late act making Indians slaves) adjuged six.

Mr. Henry Lound's Indian boy named Tom (who came in amongst ye English since ye late act making Indians slaves) adjduged seventeen.

Henry Baugh's Indian woman named Betty (who came in amongst ye English since ye late act making Indians slaves) adjudged eighteen.

Derby Enroughty's Indian boy Jack (who came in amongst ye English since ye late act making Indians slaves) adjudged eight years of age.

Certificate of Tomakin a Pamunky Indian (being at ye Asamattock Indian Town) for taking up a runaway Indian boy Servant to Thomas Wells about 8 miles from his master's home.


1 December 1683, Willson

p.159, 1 April 1684, Roger an Indian boy beloning to Richd Cocke and comeing in amongst ye English since late act of assembly making Indians slaves, adjudged ten years of age.


p.161, 2 June 1684, Peter an Indian slave belonging to Gilbert Elam, Senr., is adjudged six years of age.

Robin an Indian slave belonging to Mrs. Mary Skerm is adjudged ten years of age.


p.163, 1 August 1684, Kate an Indian girl belonging to Mrs. Mary Davis and coming in since ye act making Indians slaves, is adjudged fifteen years of age.

Pegg an Indian girl belonging to Martha Skippy is adjudged eleven years of age.


p.165, Nat an Indian Servant to Capt. William Randolph haveing unlawfully absented himself from his master's service from y thirteenth of July last untill ye thirteenth of ye same month & taking with himself several commodities as one chamlet campain coat with shallon, two pair ne shoes, a short sleeve full of powder, etc...serve his master nine months after all his other time of service is expired.


p.168, 10 October 1684, Jack and Will, two Indian Servants to Henry Lowell

p.176, 2 February 1684/5, Jack an Indian slave to John Willson, Junr.,


p.180, 1 April 1685, Upon ye Petition of Mr. Tho: Farrar that he have full possession of a Indian boy named Jack belonging half half to him & half to his bro: Jno Farrar.

frame 195, Whereas it is justly to be supposed that there are several Indian Servt's & slave tythable that by their respective Masters & Owners are not listed doe give order to ye sheriff to summon ye respective owners to ye next court

p.197, 22 October 1685,

Certificate of Mr. Will Jones for taking up three Indian servants belonging to ye Three Mr. Farrars.


Whereas there were two Indian Servts. belonging to Mr. Will Ligon who were this year tythable & not by their sd Master listed ... Ordered ... added to ye list of their sd Master's family.


An Indian Servt. belonging to Majr. Thomas Chamberlain being this year tythable & not entered in the list ... sd Indian be inserted in


An Indian Servt. wench belonging to Mrs. Anne Morris being this year not enter'd in the List ... be inserted in.


p.211, June 1686

Moll an Indian Slave belonging to Capt. Tho: Cocke ... nine years of Age.


p.213, 2 August 1686

Certificate of Richd. Embry for takeing up five Runaway Indians, two of them belonging to Mr. Edwd Hatcher, the other three to Mr. Hen: Lound.


Doll an Indian Wench brought to Court pr Mrs. Amy Kent haveing been amongst the English about three years is adjudged twelve years old.


p.217, October 1686, Certificate of Edmd Mashall & Hen: Voden for takeing up three Runaway Indians, Vizt. Harry a boy belonging to Mr. Ro: Burton & Kate & Sarah to wenches belonging to Mr. Will: Glover.


p.220, 12 October 1686,

Certificate granted to Edmd. Marshall & Hen: Voden for Arthur an Indian belonging to Jno. Wilson his takeing up a Runaway Irish boy servt. to Robert Burton.


p.229, February 1686/7, Robin an Indian Slave belonging to James Eakins senr. adjudged eight years old.


p.241, August 1687, Humphrey an Indian boy belonging to Mr. Jno. Cock ... adjudged five years of age but whether sd boy Is Servt or Slave his sd Master declares himself ignorant.


p.270, June 1688, Michael Turpin to this Court peticoning that his Mulatto girl (Mary) who is bound unto him till five & twenty years of age hath lately had a Bastard by a Negroe ... sd mulatto Mary doe have for her sd offence after her other time is expired two years (She not appearing to be a Xtian) & that she be Whipt ... ten lashes. Peter a Negroe man belonging to Michll Turpin having Comitted fornicacion wth a mulatto Servt. of ye sd Turpin ... tenn good Lashes well lay'd on.


p.277, 1 August 1688 Indian Sue at Mr. Jno. Cox, 3 years old. Benjamin Elam reputed father of the child bound to Cox. Elam convenants to serve ye sd Jno. Cox Jr., one year in return for allowing them to marry.


p.280, 20 August 1688, Robert Burton ... did with Indian boy Harry ... acknowledge & declare that his sd Indian boy Harry should serve him but six years from & after ye five & twentyeth day of Xbr next, & that at ye Expiration of ye sd term he ye sd Indian Harry shall be free & acquit from any further servitude.


20 September 1688, Mary a free Indian servt. to Mrs. Mary Skerne, daughter Hagar 25 years old to serve till 30 (24 on 7 August last)


p.282, 12 October 1688, Tom an Indian boy belonging to Tho. East jun ... affirmed to be a slave is adjudged to be fifteen years of Age.


p.296, February 1688/9, James an Indian slave belonging to Jr. Jno. Piggott ... adjudged ten years old.


p.310, 1 October 1689, Tom an Indian slave belonging to Mr. John Pigott ... ajudged fifteen years of age.


p.351, December 1690, Sam an Indian slave belonging to Jno Stewart (Glover) being by the sd Stewarts wife brought before this Worll. Court is adjugdged eight years of Age.


p. 354, 2 February 1690/1, Will an Indian slave belonging to Edwd Haskins ... adjudged seven years of age.


p.358, 2 February 1690/1, John Steward Jun petitioning to this Court for Certificate to ye Rt. Honl. the Lt. Governr. in order to his Obtaining a Licence to entertain an Indian.


p.365, 1 April 1691, Mr. John Pigott did this day make appear by the testimony of Mr. Petr. Field who granted certificate for the same That some time in ye year 1687 he did Apprehend a Runaway Indian servt. named Betty belonging to Mr. Andreas Gravenradt of New York.


p.394, December 1691, Dick an Indian slave belonging to Edward Haskins ... adjudged twelve years of Age.


p.405, February 1691/2, George an Indian slave belonging to George Hunt ... adjudged seven years of age.


p.413, March 1691/2, Certificate

of Humphrey Smith for taking up Tom an Indian belonging to James Batt of Charles Citty County.


p.430, 1692, Peter an Indian slave belonging to John Bowman Jun adjudged four years of age.


Deeds, Wills, 1677-1692,

p.33, William Soanne humbly presenteth that he had delivered to him by Mr. Ingram an Indian girle which was taken by Mr. Bacon and his party in the late mach against the Indians. 22 January 1676/7.


p.91-2, Division of the estate of Solomon Knibbe deceased

one Indian boy 3,000 pounds tobacco, one Indian girl 2,000 pounds tobacco, on boy servt. named Man, 3 February 1678.


p.102, 30 April 1679, An account of ye several Fortye Tythables ordered by the Worshipful Court: Curls

Sally Indian 1


p.103, 23 December 1679, To Tero Indian for rowing the Burgesses


p.134, I Wm Byrd have sold to Tho: Harris one Indian boy about 4 years old commonly called Taythee. 17 November 1673.

p.135, I Tho: Harris of Turky Island assign al the right and title of this bill of sale within to John Smith of Charles City County.


p.139, 23 July 1676, James Crewes will. I give unto my man Tero his freedome three years after my decease, and at the expiration of the said time I give unto him one cow, one sow, if I have any left and as much land as he shall tend for him & another during life.


p.145, At a General Courte held at James City the 22 September 1680, Tho: Holms petition that ye court of Henrico hat undulely past an order for the setting free of an Indian slave belonging to him & desiring to stay proceedings.


p.174, May 15, 1681, Grifffin Evans One pair plain shoes that Wm Cocke owes me to Mr. Tho. Cocke's mulatto Jacke.


p.224, I Benjamin Hatcher doe for the good love and affection I bare to my sonne Wm Hatcher give one Indian boy knowne by the name Ben to him forever. 1 August 1682.


p.251, John Milner. I do hereby for ye good love & affection I bear unto my wife's daughter Mary Parker give & set over unto her one Indian girl named Sue. 1 August 1683.


p.267, 28 January 1683/4, Mr Tho: Farrar share of his father's estate: 1/2 of ye Indian boy 1400 pounds tobacco.

p.268, Mr. John Farrar, ditto.

Mrs. Cicely Farrar, 1/2 of ye Indian man & woman 2,000 pounds tob.

Martha Farrar 1/2 of ye Indian man & woman 2,000 pounds tob.


p.279, John Woodson son Robert Woodson shall possess and enjoy my servant boy Ellis & my Indian girl Judea to his own proper use & behoof during the full term of years they have to serve.


p.281, estate of John Brown, deceased, 6 September 1684, to Temperance Brown one Indian boy valued at 2,500 pounds.


p.282, Inventory of Thos. Skippy, one Indian boy 2500; one Indian girl 2000 pds tobacco, 3 horses 1500.


p.285, inventory of John Davis 11 August 1684. one man servant Moses 19 months to serve 1000 pds. One Indian servt. girl named Sarah 2000 pds., one Indian named Kate who being at present very sick ... valued by Court at 2000 pds.


p.286 John Milner estate 13 August 1684. Three Indian boys 7500


p.287. October 1684 Publiq Levy. Tomakin a Pamunkey Indian pd. 100 pds.


p.314, 1 April 1685, deposition of John Perry that Thos. Holmes's Indian man shot at a hogg.


p.359, Inventory of John Wilson, Senr., 18 February 1685/6:

One Negro slave 5000

One Indian boy 2000

One Indian girl (decreped) 550.


p.376, Amy Bevill of Bristoll Parish ...I have granted to my daughter one Indian girl called Sarah 24 September 1683, proved 2 August 1686.


p.378, Inventory of estate of Charles Clay deceased 15 June 1686. One Indian girl a dwarf and decrepid 550 pounds tobacco.


p.388, 3 August 1686, inventory of Henry Kent

1 Indian Servt. boy 1000 pds.


p.427, August 1692, Kate an Indian girl (slave) belonging to Mr. Phil Jones adjudged 10 years.


Orders 1694-1701,

p.77, 1 October 1695, Hagar Penny an Indian free woman petitioning the court to be exempt from County levys. She ought to pay (by Act of Assembly).


p.127, 1 October 1696, Roger Indian for his freedom, agst Richard Bradford

p.134, ... (in Roger's favor) ... pay corn & clothes


1 April 1697, Roger Indian agst. Thos. Chamberlayn, Indian be discharged from service.


p.155 Indian Moll ... master Fra: Patram(?) deliver corn & clothes


p.191, Clerk of Bristoll Parish register that Hagar an Indian free wo: is very sickly and maintained by her mother Indian Moll. Exempted from tax.


Weisiger, Benjamin B., Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia. Part One 1654-1737. Richmond, Va., Privately Printed, 1976.

pp. 24-25, Will of Edward Deely, 18 October 1688, To Matthew Branch my negroes for two years and then they are to be free.


Deeds, Wills 1688-1697

p.70, Tho. Batte ye Elder to Jno. Banister one Negroe man named Tony, one Indian woman & her child called Robin, one Mulatto girl called Mall & one Negro girl call'd Ciss wch (mortgaged for 45 pounds sterling. 1 June 1689.


p.143, Herbert Powell's estate 2 June 1690

1 Indian boy 2,000 pounds tobacco (total of estate = 4,095 pounds)


p.235, Tho. Batte Junr. 10 April 1691 inventory

2 Indian boys (servants) 5,000 pounds tobacco


p.249, Levy Court 1691, 12 Oct.

for wolves killed, Giles Webb (for Indian Langston)


p.284, Inventory of Willm Glover, 22 December 1691

1 Indian boy abt 3 yrs. old 500 pounds


p.349, 31 May 1692, Saml Knibb inventory


1 Negro man, 1 Negro girle, 1 Indian man


p.351, Inventory of Mr. Tho. Osborn Senr. 1 September 1692

1 Indian man 8 yrs. to serve 10 pounds

1 Negro man 25 pounds

1 Indian girl (a slave) 15 pounds

1 Negro girl about 4 or 5 yrs. old 12 pounds


p.492, Inventory of Mr. Francis Redford, 1 March 1693/4

one Molatto Woman having two years to serve 5 pounds


p.510, Mr. Cha. Blanch 27 February 1693/4 inventory


1 Indian girl Pegg & 1 Indian boy Joshua 4000 pounds tobacco

1 lame negro Man 3,000 pounds tobacco


pp.557-8, April 2, 1694

Shaw Cate negro, Humphrey Jones & Peter Indian belonging to Giles Webb


p.639, June 1, 1696,

Peter an Indian servant with James Franklin adjudged 6 years of age


Inventory of Thomas Gayton sold at outcry 29 July 1691

To Hagar Penny 1 pc small worn blanket and an old unfixt gun 125 pds

Indian Moll & Hagar 146 salted pork 219 pds.


pp.684-5, Will of Thomas Cocke ... to wife Margaret Cock a Malato woman Betty & sons Harry & Daniel. sone James the Negroes and slaves that is Jack White and Indian Moll with Mingo & Tom. To son James the Indian Girl Hannah ... daughter Elizabeth the Indian girl Cate. 10 Dece. 1696, proved 1 April 1697.


Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1697-1704

1 February 1698/9, p.136-8, Inventory of Mr. Edward Stratten

negro bess 20 pds

1 Indian Girl 16 pds.


Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1706-1709

9 August 1707, p.53, in obedience to an order of said court, appraised the slaves of John Stewart

To one Indian boy at sixteen pounds

and to one Indian woman at fifteen pounds current money


1 September 1707, p.66, At a Court Held at Varina for Laying the Levy

To Barth. Chavis for 1 wolf kill'd with a gun 200 pds tobacco

To Willm. Byrd, Esq., for 1 wolf kill'd by his mulatto wth a gun 200 pds

To Gilbert Gibson 1 p. Trap 300 pds tobacco

Indian James a Free man 2 Do p. gun 400 pds.

Mr. John Woodson 2 p. gun kill'd by his Indian Ceaser 400 pds.

To Thos. Kent a Free Indian 1 do p. pitt 300 pds.


p.189, Alice Watson ... widow ... to son Joseph Watston the Indian boy Peter, mulatto boy Will Gathings 1 November 1709.


Miscellaneous Court Recods, Vol. 1, 1650-1717,

p.61, will of Anthoney Knight, 1 January 1699/1700, proved 1 May 1700, to Majr. Tho: Chamberlayne my Indian boy named George to serve to 30 years & no longer.


p.64, October 1702, indenture between William Tabor ... and Peter Indian for the value of 25 pounds as by bill past to Phillip Turppin by the request of the said Peter Indian & for one cow calf & one sow pig in hand with liberty to keep same with their increase ... doth put and bind himself agree a servant to the said William Tabor 9 years from first January next.


p.80, 14 October 1710, will of Allenson Clerke, I do devise unto my Servant boy Joseph on Condition he intermarry with a white woman 100 acres lying at Coate's joining on the land of one of the sons of Thomas Cocke, deceased. I also give him one Cow & Calf, a fether bed, rugg & blanket. Proved January 1710/11.


p.100, William Randolph of Turkey Island to wife Negro man named Ned ... and the Indian Girle Patty, 6 March 1709, proved 1 June 1713.


p.347, 6 May 1717, (mortgage) ... Susanna Waire widow sell to William Kennon two Indian boys, one called Will, the other called Roger, the eldest about seven and the youngest about three years.


Orders 1707-9,

p.25, 1 March 1707, John Stewart was attached to answer Daniel Stewart of a Plea That whereas John Stewart ye father of ye pltf. & Defdt. on ye last day of June in ye year 1706(?) dyed intestate leaveing as his proper estate three slaves, to wit, one Indian woman, one Indian boy & one Indian girl; two thirds of which slaves descended unto the sd John.


Orders 1710-14,

p.55, 6 March 1710/11, Pegg an Indian discharged from estate of Allanson Clerke decd, Abraham Womack, executor, Womack to pay Pegg her corn & clothes.


p.115, January 1711/2 Levy Court

Jeffrey Indian paid for one wolf by gun


p., 5 May 1712, Thomas Chamberlayne brings before the Court his servant Mullatto man Robin & informed the Court that he hath severall times rune away ... serve his Master five years after the time of his servitude now due is expired.


p.155, July Court 1712, Roger an Indian by his petition complaining against John Stewart ... serve until 15 February next


p.156, July 1718, Elizabeth Indian servant to Thomas Chamblerlayn ... next court


p.162, August 1712, John Blackman by his petition sets forth that he hath in his possession a Mulatto child named James wch prays may be bound unto him ... Church Wardens bind out boy till the age of thirty one.


p.175, September 1712, Robert Indian having Complained to the Court that Edward Bowman detains him as a servant contrary to law, appears and prays he may prove his right to freedom .. ordered to be discharged from his servitude.


p.176 Francis Patram witness for Robert Indian pay him 1 days attendance.


p.178, September 1712, Humphrey Indian complains against John Cocke for unlawfully detaining him ... next court.


p.180, September 1712, Thomas Chamberlayne by his petition sets forth that his servant Robin a Mulatto hath absented himself about seven weeks ... serve 14 weeks.


p.184, September 1712, Elizabeth Indian servant of Thomas Chamberlayne is not 30 years of age until 10 December next. Charles Roberts and Richard Womack witnesses for Elizabeth.


p. 185, 6 October 1712, Robin Indian against Edward Bowman ... next court.

p.188, October 1712, Humphrey Indian ... next court.

p.197, November 1712, Robin Indian by his petition against his former master Edwd. Bowman for his corn and cloaths ... ordered that he do pay the said Robin Indian.


p. 197, Robin Indian against Major Chamberlayn ... next court


p.197, Captain Webb Exhibited an account against Jeffery Indian whereby ye sum of two pounds, four shillings is due to him ... ordered to be certified.


p.198, November 1712, Humphrey Indian binds himself to John Cocke 10 years from 25 December next.

p.196, November 1712, Humphrey Indian suit dismissed neither party appearing.


p.197, November 1712, Giles Webb exhibits an account against Jeffrey Indian 2 pounds, 4 shillings, recorded

p.200 Nov. 1712, John Ellis against Jeffrey Indian is dismissed neither party appearing.

Giles Webb against Jeffrey Indian, to be payd in buck skeins granted, defendant not appearing


p.202 1712, County Levy list, Jeffrey Indian for two wolves, Robin Indian for one wolf by gun.


p.205 Feb. 1712/3

Robin Indian free from Thomas Chamberlayne's service


p.215, March 1712/3, Robin an Indian agst. his former Mistress Mary Skerm that he is a freeman ... Thomas Chamberlayn having in last Court pleaded that ye said Indian was his ... he is free.

p.216, Mary and John Curtis attended for Robin Indian.


p.275, March 1713/4, Thomas Chamberlayn agst. his Servant Robin Mullatto hath unlawfully absented himself for 16 weeks.


Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1710-1714,

26 January 1710/11, pp.39-40, Inventory of James Lodge, deceased

A Negro boy named Daniel 25 pds.

an Indian boy named Captain 20 pds.

a Mullattoe girl Servt. named Penellope 12 pds.


27 & 28 March 1711, pp. 88-9, Inventory of Mr. Allenson Clerke, deceased,

Negro Will & Indian Frank 20 pds.

1 Indian man named Cupid & 1 horse 21 pds.


12 September 1711, p.100, An account of the estate of Samuel Branch delivered Christopher Branch, guardian to the said Samuel

to 1 Indian boy named Toby

7 January 1711/12, p.107, Alice Watson deed to sons John and Benjamin Watson ... one Indian wench named Jenny, one Indian girl named Betty


3 November 1712, p.177, Indenture John Cocke of parish & county of Henrico & Humphrey Indian of same. Said Humphrey shall serve as a servant from 25 December next ensuing until ye full term of 10 years ... Cocke shall provide wch. meat, drink, washing, logging and cloathing, a gun, a cow and calfe, suit of cloaths & 3 barrels of Indian corn.


10 June 1713, pp. 240-243, Inventory of Capt. Giles Webb,

one Negro man named Robin 30 pds.

Tero Indian 20 pds.

Pat and Toney her child 1 year old if slaves 30 pds

Jenny 10 pds.

Frank Indian 10 pds.

1 orphan girl named Pat Jenkins


p.282, will of John Stewart ... son John one Indian named Frank ... to daughter Sarah Stewart one Indian girl called Joan with her increase ... wife Michal one negro wench called Aggy, one Indian wench called Doll, one Indian man called Robin now living with my mother. 25 April 1714, proved 2 August 1714.


p.283, Sarah Akin widow to son James Akin one Indian woman's youngest child.


Miscellaneous Court Recods, Vol. 2, 1718-1726,

p.443-4, 30 August 1719, will of Edward Tanner ... to wife one Indian slave during her life and after to my son Joseph.


pp. 693-4, will of Edward Stanly ... to my granddaughter Frances Thweat my negro fellow named Jack and my Indian fellow Tom after the decease of my wife. proved 4 July 1726.


Deeds, Wills 1714-1718

p.7, estate of Allenson Clerke, deced. January Court 1714/5

To pd Indian Pegg by Judgment 2 pounds & 15 bushells of Corn with Costs 3/12/9

to one Indian boy and horse sold for 21 pounds


p.49, inventory of William Soane, dec.

To an Indian woman 18 pounds

To an Indian woman 28 pounds

To an Indian boy 15 pounds

To a negro boy 12 pounds

October 1715 court


p.80, inventory of William Hatcher taken 24 April 1716

1 Indian wench sickly 10 pounds


Deeds, Wills, 1725-1737, no. 1, part 2

p.187, Inventory of George Worsham, June 1728:

1 Indian man very old 4 pounds


p.230, 1728, Robert Blaws estate appraisement

payments from Robin Indian 5 shillings, Will Indian 5 shillings


p.330, inventory of Godfrey Ragsdale, September 7, 1731

1 Negro wench 25 pounds

1 mulato wench & 2 children 10 pounds


Minutes 1719-1724

p.144, November 1721, Indian Robin paid for one wolf


p.167, April 1722, Peg an Indian woman Servant belonging to Richard Ligon appeared ... be adjudged free ... he be summoned.


p.182, June 1722, Peg a Mulatto woman Servant born in this County whose mother was an Indian intitled to Freedom at the age of thirty years, having petitioned for her Freedom against her master Richard Ligon, the said Ligon acknowledges that the said Peg is twenty five years of age ... serve until she be thirty years of age according to the time her Mother served the said Ligon.


p.241, March 1722/3, Daniel Price acknowledges a discharge dated 7 February 1722 from himself to Doll a Mulatto woman to be his act and deed and it is thereupon admitted to record.

p.242, ... that Doll may be adjudged free and allotted something for the time she hath served longer than by Law she ought ... dismissed.


p.246, April 1723, petition of Bess an Indian Woman servant belonging to Daniel Stewart, praying she may be declared Free, the said Stewart appears & making no objection ... she is declared Free.


p.255, May 1723, Petition of William Indian Servant belonging to William Nowlet prays that he be declared free ... next court.


p.271, July 1723, Will Indian agst William Rowlett ... next court.


p.282, Indian Will agst. Peter Rowlett

p.333, April 1724, On the petition of Will an Indian Man Servant whose mother was entitled to her freedom at the age of thirty years, setting forth that he has faithfully served his time according to Law yet is detained a servant by his late master William Rowlett & prayth he may be declared Free the said William Rowlett appears & acknowledges the said Will to be three & twenty years of age but saith he ought to serve until he be thirty years old. Adjudged to serve 30 years according to the condition of his mother.


p.352, August 1724, John Woodson, Junr., makes oath that John a Mulatto Servant belonging to him hath absented himself from his service nine days ... serve his said master for his absence.


John Woodson, Junr., makes oath that James a Mulatto Servant belonging to him hath absented himself from his service nine days ... serve his said master for his absence.


John Woodson, Junr., makes oath that Nicholas a Mulatto Servant belonging to him hath absented himself from his service nine days ... serve his said master for his absence.


Miscellaneous Court Records, Vol. 3, 1727-1737

p. 757, 7 October 1728, Francis Epes & John Radford, Church Wardens of Henrico Parish, and Thomas Cryer pursuant to an order of Henrico County Court 2 September 1728 bind out to the said Thos. Cryer one Mallatto Boy named Robin. He gotten by a Negro on the body of Judy a Free Mallatto woman to serve until 21 years ... to be a cooper ... at expiration to receive 10 barrels Indian corn, a well fixt musquet, furee of the value of 20 shillings ... to read and write, etc.


Miscellaneous Court Records, Vol. 4, 1738-1746

p.1063, Zacharias Brooks of Dale Parish, 22 May 1738, to daughter Sarah Brooks Aggey ye Bastard that is bound to me for 31 years upon ye date of her marriage or when she comes to be four & twenty years of age.


p. 1271-3, 19 June 1744, Richard Walthall of Dale Parish, daughter Elizabeth my Ingon girl Diner. Son Christopher my negro feller Robing my negro wench Nanse and her youngest Child Judy and my Ingon feller Will. Son William Walthall my Ingon garl name Betty.


Deeds 1744-8,

pp. 72-3, Richard Walthall inventory, 2 September 1745, Negro fellow Robin, Jenny and one Ingon fellow Will and one Negro wench Pat, one Negro wench Nanse, Negro Wench Fillis, Negro wench Bes, Negro Gail Gean, Ingon Gail Sibee, Ingon Gail Diner, Ingon Gail Betty, Negro boy Ned, Ingon Boy Will, Ingon boy Hal, Negro fellow Frank, Ingon Gail Jude.


Orders 1737-1746

p.20, January 1737/8, petition of Tom a Mulatto or Mustee Setting fourth that he is the grandson of a White free Woman and hast a just right to freedom but that his Master Alexander Trent contrary to Law or equity detains him in Slavery.


p.53, August 1738, Petition of Robin son of Indian Judy plt. against Lodowick Tanner, Deft. is dismisst. Pltf. failing to prosecute.


p.73, April 1739, On the petition of Dick a Mullatto belonging to Field Archer setting forth that the said Field Archer unjustly detains him as a slave when he hath a just right to freedom and that his grand Mother one Penelope was a free Woman ... Ordered that Dedimus issue to ... Justices of the County of Prince George to take the Examination of Andrew Beck an Aged and infirm man.


p.77, May 1739, petition of Dick a Mullato slave belonging to Field Archer against his Master is Dismist.


p.86, July 1739, On the petn. of Indian Jamey als. James Musttie is exempted from paying County Levyes.


p.128, November 1740, Petition of Thomas Baugh it is ordered that the Church Wardens of Dale Parish do bind out Joe a Mollatto the son of Nan an Indian Woman according to law.


p.138, April 1741, Ordered the Church Wardens of Henrico Parish bind out Richard, William, and Edward Mulletos according to Law.


p.155, August 1741, Indian Jack exempt from paying county levys.

p.158, October 1741, Church Wardens of Henrico Parish bind out Betty a Mullatto Girl according to Law.


p.199, December 1742, Church Wardens of Dale Parish bind out according to Law three Mulatto orphan Children namely Peter, Nan, and Effee.

p.261, June 1744, Phebe daughter of Mulatto Amy is ordered bound out by the Church Wardens of Dale Parish.


p. 328, September 1745, Ordered the Church Wardens of King William Parish bind out Archer and Betty Mullatto orphans according to Law.


Deed Book 1744-1748

p.349, estate of Wm Porter, 21 January 1747/8, 1 Indian man 12/0/0.


Deeds, Etc. 1748-1750

p.112, Richard Randolph will. 18 November 1747, proved June 1749.

son John the third part of my slaves ... he taking my two Negroes Indian John and Essex as part of his third which two negroes I proposed he should have.


p.997, court held 7 November 1766. On the petition of Alexander McCaul & others setting forth the Extraordinary Services, Merit and Fidelity of a negro man named Joe lately the property of Robert Burton of Henrico County and now belonging to the said Alexander that he may have his freedom. Recorded 1 December 1766.


Miscellaneous Court Records (Deeds Wills 1650-1897), Volume 5 (1747-1757):

pp.2340-1, Guardian accounts of Elizabeth and Dorothy Chamberlayne, ordered 2 August 1723, Inventory of the estate delivered to William Batt, guardian to Elizabeth Chamberlayne,

Jane a Mallatto woman slave 20 pounds

Lucy a girl 7 pounds, 10 shillings

Robert a Mullatto servant boy 7 pounds, 10 shillings

James a Mullatto servant boy 7 pounds, 10 shillings

An inventory of the estate delivered to Richard Jones, guardian to Dorothy Chamberlayne,

Aggie a Mullatto girl slave 12 pounds, 10 shillings

Thom a Mullatto servant 10 pounds, 10 shillings

by executors of Thomas Chamberlayne deceased.


Minutes 1752-1755,

p.48, 2 April 1753, Church Wardens of this parish bind out Susanna a child of Jane a free Negro to John Jordan.


p.237, 2 December 1754, Church Wardens of Henrico Parish do bind out Ezekiel Scott and Sarah Scott, Children of John Scott, Tommy Son of Indian Nan, Henry Cockran son of John Cockran, and Isham Roughton an Indian according to Law.


Orders 1755-62,

p.188, 3 October 1757, Church Wardens do bind out Mulatto Sue and Abe Children of Mulatto Jane according to Law.


p.319, 5 March 1759, Ordered that the Church Wardens of Henrico Parish Bind out Ben Scott and Roger an Indian Boy according to Law.


p.478, 1 September 1760, Church Wardens bind out Daniel a Son of Mulatto Nanny.


p.658, Church Wardens bind out Phebe and Pat daughters of Mulatto Patt until they arrive to the age of eighteen.




Record of Deeds, Wills, Etc., 1661-1719, Vol. 1, part 1,

pp. 133-4, will of Nicholas Hill ... to wife Silvester plantation and then to Richard Hill ... Negroe to wife then to Sonn George Hil ... to Sonn George Hill one Mollata Boy named Edward to be to him & his heirs for ever. I give unto my son Ralph Hill one Negro man named Tony to serve him fower years after my decease ... to have good Cloathinge & to be sett free. 19 April 1675, proved 20 October 1675.


p.163, inventory of Lt. Coll. Nicholas Hill taken 6 August 1678: 1 negro man & 1 woman & 1 Mollato boy, 1 Irish man.


p.295, order of 9 August 1689 to inventory estate of William Evans,

1 maed servant two years to serve 1200 pounds tobacco

1 Indian boy having one yeare to serve 1000 pounds tobacco

1 Indian boy a slave 2000 pounds tobacco


p.296, inventyory of Thomas Pitt, 22 July 1689

an Indian lad haveing three years and a half 1500 pounds tobcco

an English boy named Thomas Preston haveing about 4 years & 7 months to serve 1500 pounds tobacco


p.310, will of Frances Iles, and Indian boy Dick to be delivered to my son when he is at age if liveing and in the mean time to remain in my Sonne Tristram Norsworthy's possession. 15 May 1691, proved 10 August 1691.


p.334, estate of Philip Macodine, 9 January 1693/4

1 young Indian boy 3000 pounds tobacco


p.380, Arthur Smyth, I give my wife her choice of any slave either negro or Indian. 2 November 1696, proved 10 June 1697.


pp.490-1, Wm West of Newport Parish, Isle of Wight, daughter Mray Green an Indian Girl called Pinke for & during her natural life ... son Wm West my Indian girl called Rose ... for ever. Negro Jack unto son Robt. West and my Indian woman Peg unto daughter Deborhah West ... for ever. 9 February 1708/9.


pp.533-4, 18 December 1711, Humphry Marshall. Loving wife my Negro man Will and the Indian woman Moll for ever. Daughter Mary Hill my Negro man Peter and Negro woman Marrain ... my daughter Sarah Scutchin my Negro Joe and my Indian Molls child Rose ... to John Thomas, son of Elizabeth Thomas, Sam my Indian woman Moll's child.


pp.632-3, Francis Clements ... as a Reward for faithfule service done me by my two slaves the one called Sam and the other Nanny, I say that my two slaves at the time of my Decs. shall and are hereby Immediately free from Bondage and likewise give and bequeath at such time of their manumission unto each of them a cow and both of them fifty acres of land out of that tract where on now I dwell & same by me laid out to them and during their naturall lives. 22 November 1717, no probate date.


vol. 2, Inventories & accounts, 1726-1734,

p.45, John Sugars, to my Daughter Priscilla my Indian Girl Nan ... for ever and my Grand son Sugar Jones may have the first child that the said wench brings, proved 25 September 1727.

p.889, 4 May 1728. estate of Wm Murry, order of 22 April 1728, 1 Indian fellow 27 pounds currency. 27 May 1728.


Deeds & Wills 1715-1726

pp. 20-1, by order of court 25 January 1719/20 inventory of Mr. Andrew Munro

To 1 Indian man called Peter 26 pounds

To 1 Negro man called Sam 28 pounds


p.42, will of Andrew Woodley to daughter Elizabeth a Molatto girl named Lucy until age 24 years & then said Lucy to be free. To son John Woodley one Molato girl named Amy forever. 25 September 1718, proved 22 August 1720.


pp. 80-2, will of James Denson, to my daughter Frances Denson an Indian woman named Jenny. 15 July 1720, proved 24 April 1721.

Orders 1693-1695,

9 November 1693, p. 7, John an Indian slave of Phillip Rayford is adjudged to be eight years old.

9 March 1693/4, p.25, Peter an Indian slave boy belonging to Mr. Andrew Monro is adjudged to be seven years old.

9 June 1694, p.34, An Indian Girle named Mall belonging to Richard Wilkinson, Junr., is adjudged seaven years old.


Orders 1759-63, p.98, 7 December 1759, Church Wardens of Newport Parish bind out Betty a Negro Girl the child of Sarah a free Negro.




Inventories 1721-1744,

p.4, 7 July 1721, inventory of Richard Taliaferro:

To an Indian man named Jack 30 pounds


p.98, inventory of Waugh Darnall, 27 February 1726/7:

To 1 Melato boy 5 years to serve 8 pounds


p.158, inventory of Willm Strother, 6 April 1733

Rachel a girl abt 4-1/2 years to serve 5 pounds


p.237-40, inventory of Willm Strother, Gent., 7 April 1738:

To 1 Molatto boy Abraham free at 31 years - 15 pounds.


p.306, inventory of James Jones, 6 July 1744:

1 Servt. woman named Margaret Roberts 2 years & eleven months to serve 4 pounds.

1 Servant woman named Mary Miller 2 years & 10 months to serve 2 pounds

a Mulatto girl freeborn aged 15 years next spring - 4 pounds.

1 ditto aged 14 next spring - 4 pounds.


Inventories 1745-65, p.221, Estate of Aaron Grigsby:

1 Mulata Girl Bound 10 pounds, recorded 3 May 1764.


Orders 1735-51,

pt. 1, p. 267, 4 September 1741, petition of Sam a Molatto (now in the possession of Benjamin Berryman, Gent.) setting forth that he has served the said Benjamin Berryman for & during the space of thirty-one years, and that he conceives he is intitled to his Freedom (being the son of a Free Molatto Woman). Therefore It is ordered that the said Benjamin be summoned to the next Court.


p. 304, 10 October 1742, Sam a Molatto Plt. and Benjamin Berryman Deft. for his freedom upon hearing the evidence of Elizabeth Berryman ... ordered ... he serve until 4 May 1746.


Orders 1751-65,

pt.1, pp. 82, 87, 172, 193, 2 July 1752, Indian Judith agst. David Bronaugh, Trespass Assault & Battery & false imprisonment ... next court. Indian Cate ditto.

pp. 206-7, 220, Action of Trespass brought by Indian Judith and Indian Cate dismissed.


pt. 4, p.970, 5 December 1761, It appearing to the Court that Gosey a Mulatto man taken up as a runaway and delivered to Stephen Hansford, Constable, to convey him to the Sheriff of Spotsylvania County


p.1096, 1 September 1763, Order the Churchwardens of Hanover Parish bind Balinda a Mulatto Girl to Horatio Dade.


St. Paul's Parish Register, King George County,

p.143, Will a Mulatto Boy Son of Mildred to be free at 31, J. Stuart, Jr., born 31 July 1759.



Record Book 1, 1702-1707,

p.110, Inventory of estate of Robert Napier,

1 Indian man servt. abt. 3 months to serve, 3 April 1703.



Orders 1680-1686, p. 84, 10 May 1682,

Mr. Robert Griggs doth oblige himself and his heires that when a Negro boy bought of Capt Jno Purvis Attorney of Capt Arthur Baley hath compleated his time of Service of one & twenty yeares to commence from the first day of April 1681: that then the saide Negro shall be declared free and at his owne disposall: In consideration whereof the aide Purvis doth warrant the Sale of the sde. Negro for the saide time from all p:sns whatsover.


Wills, No. 5, 1674-1689,

p.91, I Robert Molatto Woman named Molly be free after my death and that she hath a heifer and three Barrells of Corne upon her freedome alsoe yearly a Cottensuite and house and ground to live and plant upon during her continuance and liveing wth her husband. My will is that Martin and Tomboy serve each of them but thirty and eight years from the time they arrive In and then they beee free and my Negro Children till they bee forty five years old and after free and that all the rest of my negros serve each of them but Thirty and five yeares from the time they came to dwell and then to be set free but if any of them should run away then their said time of servitude serve as the law provides for English servants. 22 January 1683. proved 30 January 1683. wit Robert Carter, Wm Pitcher, Elizabeth Russell, Richd. Grimes.


Inventories & Wills, No. 8, 1690-1709,

pp. 51a-52, will of Hannah Ball

Hannah Ball widow of Coll William Mulatto Girle named Betty the daughter of the above named Bess and in a former will given unto my Grandson James Ball serveing said Grandson not longer than untill the age of twenty one and that then she shall be free, revokeing my Article in the said will to the contrary.


p. 88, Inventory of ye Estate of Mrs. Elizabeth Pinckard, deced. in ye hands of Thomas Pinckard this 8th April 1699:

1 Negro Girle named Kate 8 pounds

1 Indian Girle named Frank 6 pounds

1 Negroe Girle named Judeth 6 pounds

1 Negroe Girle named Bess 5 pounds


pp. 114-114a, June ye 2 day 1702, Inventory of Thomas Ball deced

To 1 negro Boy haveing 6 yrs & 5 months to serve 25 pounds

To 1 negro guirle haveing 8 yrs & 5 months to serve 25 pounds


pp. 122-3, Inventory of Estate of Mr George Harward exhibited 9th August 1704

To 1 negroe man about Seventeen months to serve 10 pounds


pp.227-8, order of 2 June 1702, inventory of estate of Thomas Ball, 1 negroe boy haveing 6 years & 5 months to serve 25 pounds

1 negroe girle haveing 8 years & 5 months to serve 25 pounds.


Wills, Etc., No. 10, 1709-1727, Part 1

pp.13-16, Estate of Major Wm Lister by order of 10 August 1709

Popular neck Quarter:

To an Indian woman called Jeany 25 pounds

22 8th 1709


pp.121-2, court order of 10 May 1710, appraisal of Capt. Alex: Swan

To a negro Jack abt 19 years old - 25 pounds

To an Indian boy Jack abt 13 years old - 20 pounds

To an Indian wo: Mol abt 55 years old - 10 pounds

To an Indian Girl Lyddy - 7 years old - 15 pounds


p.144, Estate of Mr Andw Jackson, no date, previous entry 7 July 1711

To and Indian man Will - 25 pounds


p.175, will of James my daughter Mary Hayne a Malatoe boy named John untell he shall arrive unto ye age of thirty four Then to be free. 1 Jany 1711/2


pp. 201-3, March 4th 1716, Estate of Rowland Lawson

To an Indian woman named Venus - 25 pounds

To a Negro boy named Jack - 25 pounds

To a Mollatto boy named Thomas - 15 pounds

To a Negro boy named Harry - 12 pounds

To a Mollatto girle named Hanney - 10 pounds


Wills, Etc. 1709-1726, Part 2

p.275, will of William Fox, parish of St. Mary's Whitechapel, my Indian and Negro boy named Will be taught to read and say their prayers at ye charge of my estate and that as soon as they shall be sufficiently instructed in ye Christian religion that they be baptized and that the Indian at his baptism be named Thomas and the Negro boy William but it is also my will that at my decease the said Indian and negro boy shall serve my wife Anne the term & time of tenn years each and that during ye time they be baptized and employed at ye cooper's and carpenter's trade or at ye sawyer's trade and if it shall happen that my wife marry or dye within ye term of ten years said Indian and negro shall be free and discharged from all manner of service and at ye time, their freedom each of them two full suits of clothes fitting for workmen, one for winter and one for summer. 22 March 1717, proved 12 November 1718.


p.295 Inventory of Rawleigh Downman, recorded 8 July 1719: Negroes at the Home House: Negro man Harry 27 pounds, Indian man Toney 30 pounds.


p.301, William Fox, 13 February 1718/9, inventory

Negroes: a negro woman Maria(?) devised by Captain Fox to his wife. A negro man Will set free by the said will. A Indian man Prince the same.


pp. 308-9, Inventory of Anne Yerby this 6 April 1721

To 1 negro named Criss about 6 yrs to serve - 10 pounds

exhibited by John Yerby


p. 369, Dec 8, 1721, Estate of John Swan, Gent.

To one negro girle named Fillis - 20 pounds

To one Indian woman named Liddy - 22 pounds


p.435, will of Ann Fox, proved 12 June 1723, all to daughter Frances wife of Charles Burges.


Orders 1702-13,

p.2, 14 October 1702, Dick a Negroe belonging to ye Estate of Michael Grigg, deced., haveing petitioned this Court for his freedom it is ordered that his Petition be continued untill ye next Court for ye Law relateing to Negroes' Freedom to be searched for. (Will does  not mention freeing a slave: Wills, Etc., No. 8, 1690-1709, p.39)

p.65, 9 February 1703/4, Prime an Indian slave to George Chilton Junr. being brought to this court by his Master to be judged of his age is by ye Court adjudged to be seven yeares of age.

Peter an Indian slave to George Chilton Junr. being brought to this court by his Master to be judged of his age is by ye Court adjudged to be two yeares old.

P.126, 12 September 1705, Jack an Indian slave belonging to Mr. John Grason is adjudged twelve yeares old.

Betty an Indian slave belonging to Mr. James Haines is adjudged twelve yeares old.

p.146, 12 June 1706, Jack & Lydy, an Indian boy and girle being imported to this County from South Carolina and being brought to this Court by Capt. Alexander Swan, their now master, to be judged of their age, it is the opinion of this Court that Jack is seven yeares old and Lydy three years old.


Orders 1713-21,

p.15, 12 August 1713, George Heale executor of Samuel Cole, decd., against John Turberville, Gent. We of the jury find that one Samuel Cole, decd,, made his last will dated 24 September 1710 and bequeathed all the residue of his estate after legacies to ye plt and afterwards dyed...proved in Richmond County court ye 9 February 1710. Ye said Samuel Cole on 20 December 1710 by one certain writing did declare that ye negroe woman Moll...should be free after his death and afterward dyed. Deed was proved 10 October 1711...further find ye defendant tooke ye negroe in to his possession.

pp.65-6, 11 April 1714, George Heale vs. John Turberville. ...negro Moll of 40 pounds...that the writing the 20th December 1710 signed by Samuel Cole doth destroy the aforesaid bill of the said Samuel Cole dated 24 September 1710 in so far as relates to the negro woman Moll. Ought not to have judgment. Dismissed. Appealed.

pp.70-4, 12 September 1714, examination of Madam Anne Tayloe, widow, of the parish of Christ Church concealing the birth of a bastard child born of her body. Deposition of James Buen... I heard it talked of by the Indian children something about a child and I had a mistrust that it was Madame Ann Tayloe's.

p.99, 11 May 1715, The suit inter Robert Gibson and Mary a free negroe is continued next court ye pltf.'s attorney being sick.

p.127, 15 March 1715/6, Judgment granted Robert Gibson against free Mary a negroe woman for 485 pounds tobacco due per account proved by oath of the plaintiff and Peter Buller.

p.130, Suit inter Mary a free negroe woman and Capt. George Heale is dismissed, not appearing.

p.172, 12 December 1716, Robert Gibson be summoned to appear next court to answer the petition of Dick a Negro formerly belonging to Mr. Robert Griggs.

p.183, 13 March 1716/7, Upon hearing the whole do order that the said Dick be set free according to the tenor of the last will of the said Robert Griggs deceased.


p.350, 14 June 1721, suit between Black Betty plt. and John Yerby deft. by petition for her freedom the sd plt. failing to prosecute is dismissed.


Deeds Wills 1726-1736

p.43, 14 February 1727/8, inventory of John Hutchings, 1 Malatto woman named Mary 10 pounds. 1 Negro woman Dina 28 pounds.

p.123-5, Ann Chichester wife of Richard Chichester, Molatto girl named Mary which is now in possession of Jeremiah Greenham and my aunt Dorathy his wife remain with my aunt Dorathy Greenham until she arrive to the years of twenty and one. if my aunt Dorathy should die then my will is that Ellen Heale have ye said Molato Mary until 21 and then be free from all persons whatsoever. 9 February 1726, proved 10 December 1729.

p.172, inventory of Ann Chichester. To a Negro woman named Mary to serve till she is twenty one 8 pounds. 13 May 1730.

pp.190-1, Inventory of Mr. Francis Edwards. to 1 Molato man named James McCollam 20 pounds. 14 April 1731.

p.276, John Mott, Sr.'s appraisal. 1 Mullatto girl named Sue 12 pounds, 1 Negro girl Nanney 16 pounds.

p.343, 9 July 1735, inventory of estate of Mr. Thomas Lee. Mulatto William a young man 25 pounds.


Orders 1729-43, p.13, 13 May 1730, Grand Jury presents Bridget Spexton of St. Mary's Whitechapel for having a mulatto bastard child.

p.26, Grand jury against Bridget Spexton. Testimony of Ann Spexton to be taken and returned to next court.

p.55, Presentment against Bridget Spexton dismissed.


Deeds, Etc. 1736-43, 10, inventory of Thomas Challen returned to court 14 July 1736: 1 Mulatto man named Jeremiah 11 years to serve: 12 pounds.

p.51, Inventory of William Edwards returned 25 April 1737: 1 Molatto named James McCullum having near 7 years to serve: 10 pounds.

pp. 240-1, inventory of Thomas Thornton, Gent. taken by order of 10 April 1741: Stephen Huffum a Mulatto.

p.287, Agatha Chinn's part: 1 Molatto Stephen Huffum 15 pounds.


pp.290-3, inventory of Mrs. Sarah Ball, 1 negro man Jemmy about 5 years to serve, 8 pounds. 8 October 1742.

p.294, Division of Mrs. Ball's negores, order of Court 8 Oct 1742, To William Mountague...Jemmy.


Deeds & Wills 1743-1750, No. 14

p.10, will of Peter Neasum. Give to my daughter Frances Anne Neasum my mullatto boy Peter both to remain in the care of Robert Neasum, she till she arrives to the age of eighteen, he til she marries or attains to the age of twenty one.

pp.15-16, 9 March 1744/5 inventory of the estate of Robert Neasum: a Mullatto Boy 5 pounds.

p.100, At a Council held November the 4th 1745 Present the Governor. On the Petition of Rebecca Benton setting fourth that Henry Fleet decd by his last will & Testament left her a Negro Boy Slave Christened James to serve her till he Attained the age of Twenty four years and that she then obtain his freedom the said Fleet having had a great Regard for the sd slave on account of his Fidelity and good service...manumit & set free said Negro Boy slave named James immediately. At a court held for Lancaster County on the 5th November 1745...recorded.


p.135b, Inventory of Mr. Elias Edmunds, order of court 14th February 1735/6:

1 Negro man Anthony 35 pounds

1 Negro man Mingo 14 pounds

1 Indian Cupid 22 pounds


p.167b, By Virtue of the before written order of the Honorable the Governor & Council also the last will & testament of Henry Fleet, Gent...manumit & set free James. 20 August 1747.


Deeds Wills 1750-8, p.34b pp.34-9, Appraisal of the estate of Robert Edmonds returned 14 June 1751: one Indian girl Lucy 20 pounds, one Negro girl Siller 17 pounds.

p.120, Peter Conway will 15 December 1752, proved 16 February 1753. to wife my Mulatto Robin.

p.123, inventory of estate of Peter Conway: Robin 20 pounds.


p.166, Mrs. Betty Conway, deceased, relict of Peter Conway, deceased, her part of the estate of said decedent, according to the will an absolute property in a specified legacy: a Molatto boy Robin the time of his servitude. 15 February 1754/5 court.


Deeds Wills 1758-1763

p.131-2, inventory of John Muse, 1 Mollatto girle Chloe about 12 years old to serve till she attains the age of 31 years: 15 pounds. Returned 17 April 1761.


p.142b, George Miller inventory returned 15 May 1761: A Mollatto fellow James who has about seven years to serve: 25 pounds. A wench Hannah having about six years to serve 25 pounds. A wench Frank having about thirteen years to serve 25 pounds. A boy Davey having about seventeen years to serve 25 pounds.


pp.149-50, 19 January 1756, will of John Hubbard of Lower Precinct of the parish of Christ Church in Lancaster county to wife Sarah Hubbard daughter Judith my Mullatto girl Lucy Bell, the daughter of my Mullatto woman named Frank. to my son William Hubard and Joshua Hubbard my negro man named Dick, my Mullatto woman named Frank and her child named Abraham also my mullatto woman Betty and her three children dureing the time of their service according to the act of assembly in that case made. proved 19 June 1761.

p.161-2, inventory of John Hubbard, decd., 17 July 1761: Negro Richard 40 pounds, Negro Bess 11 months to serve 1 pound.


Orders 1764-7, 112, 19 November 1764, Winnifred Bowling a Mulattoe child is by the Court bound to John Harrald til she arrives to the age of eighteen years her said master to learn her to read, sew and spin.


Deeds, Wills 1764-1770, 38, 17 June 1765, inventory of estate of William Haydon: 1 Mulatto girl Darcus Weaver 25 pounds; 1 Mulatto Boy John Weaver 20 pounds, 1 Mulatto Boy William Weaver 18 pounds; 1 Mulatto Boy Thomas Weaver 15 pounds, 1 Mulatto girl Betty Weaver 10 pounds; 1 Mulatto woman Sinah that is to be free in September next.


p.78a, Division of estate of William Haydon: John Haydons' part a Molatto girl Betty Weaver, 1 Negro lad Zachariah. Ambrose Jones's part: 1 Negro boy Charles, 1 Molatto boy John Weaver. William Oldham's part: 1 Molatto boy William Weaver. Tabitha Oldham's part 2 Mollattoes darcus and Thomas Weaver. 20 April 1767.


p.81a, estate of George Miller, deceased. The proportional part of his estate due to William Miller his orphan comes to 4 pounds, 9 shillings (the mollattoes & hire excepted).



Orders 1792-4, p.282, 14 Ocotber 1793, Motion of Esther an Indian woman in the possession of William Beatty by William Elzey her attorney be at liberty to prosecute a suti in forma pauperis.

p.342, 10 March 1794, Esther a pauper vs. William Beatty } Trespass Assault and Battery and false imprisonment. take deposition of Catherine Edwards.



Orders 1766-74,

p.95, 9 March 1773, On the motion of William Bowler Attorney prayes the court admit Moses and Daniel Slaves to Charles Kennedy to commence an action and prosecute the same in form of paupers that they have a probable cause to sue for their freedom. leave is granted ... Hanover County ... in which County the Master lived ... Daniel passed as the brother of sd. Moses.


Will Book 2, p. 244

Will of John Moore: I give my wife...the time of service of a Mulattoe woman Judith and also her four children Bartlett, Ned, Zeak, and Rak (?) and at my wife's death the said Judith and her children to be free. I also give Judith fifty acres of land...a little below the road at the N.E. Creek to make a comfortable house for her if she chooses to live in it. 27 July 1777, proved 13 October 1777.



Orders 1748-52, p.187, July 1749, Dublin an Indian of the Tugyebugg Nation Came into Court and Petitioned for her freedom (she being held in Slavery). It is therefore ordered that Benjamin Harris, Gent., do enquire into the Matter and report the same with his Opinion to the next Court.

p.321, July 1750, Dublin vs. Edward Powel, Trespass, Assault & Battery, dismissed.


Orders 1754-5, p.161, Churchwardens of Cumberland Parish bind Agness the Daughter of Moll a Molatto to Sherwood Bugg according to Law.


Orders 1755-7,

p.250, November 1756, Paul Carrington is assigned Attorney for Sarah an Indian Woman, who sets up a Right to Freedom but is kept in Slavery by Thomas Bedford Gent. and it is Ordered that he do diligently Examine into her Right and Report to the next Court.

p.269, March 1757, Paul Carrington Reported to the Court that agreeable to former Order of the Court he had inquired into the Right of Freedom of Sarah an Indian Woman in the Possession of Thomas Beford Gent. and the she informed him that her Witnesses would not or could not tell him anything.


Orders 1757-9,

p.114, October 1758, Churchwardens of Cumberland Parish bind Lucy a Mulatto child to James Cunningham.


Will Book 1, p.39, William Mays ... to my son Mattox Mays 1 Indian slave named Juda. To my son Joseph Mays 3 Indian slaves: Jack, Jemmy and Harry. To my daughter Frances White ... 1 Indian slave named Phillis. To my wife Mary Mays during her natural life, the use of my Indian girl slave named Nancey ... To my granddaughter Mary Mattox Giles 1 Indian slave named Daniel. 8 November 1748, proved 1 October 1751.



Orders 1677-80,

p.126, 20 May 1678,

I John Indicott Cooper inhabitant of Boston in New England have sold unto Richard Medlecott a Spanish Mullatto by name Antonio I haveing full power to sell him for his life time But at ye request of William Taylor I doe sell him but for Tenn yeares from ye day that he shall Disimbarke in Virginia ... at ye expiration .. sd Malatto Anthony to be a free man. 5 March 1677/8. I Antonio doe consent to ye above premises.


Orders 1680-94,

p.52, 5 December 1681, Ordered that One thousand pounds of tobaccoe & caske be paid to Capt. John an Indian, in the County Levy for killing a Wolfe.


p.548a, 30 March 1692, Cert. is granted to Jno. Bodgam for takeing up two Indian slaves belonging to Jeffry Jeffreys Esqr., 7 miles from their Master's house.

Cert. is granted to Jno. Bodgam for takeing up an Indian slave named Tom belonging to Jeffry Jeffrys, Esqr., 9 miles from his Masters House.


Orders 1694-1705,

p.323, 4 March 1699/1700, William, a Mullato boy, becomes bound to Majr. Robert Dudley untill he attaines to the age of twenty one, he being three yeares of age.


p.381, 7 October 1700, Certificate is granted Thomas Stapleton of this county for takeing up an Indian Runaway slave named Tom, belonging to John Nicholls of this County about ten miles from his Master's House.


Will Book A, pp.99-103, inventory of Major Robert Dudley, 3 November 1701,

At the Quarter

one Mallato woman at 2 years to serve 2 pounds

At the Dwelling Plantation

one mallato boy named Fulston 2 pounds


p.125, inventory of Honorable Ralph Wormeley, Esq., taken 2 December 1701


at the Pine Quarter

1 Indian man 25 pounds



at the home house

1 Indian boy named Jack 16 pounds


p.208, Inventory of Robert Deputy taken 25 October 1708

1 Mulatto Girle named Jeane born of an English woman, aged about thirteene yeares 30 pouunds


Orders 1705-7

p. 11, 7 January 1705/6, Upon Petition of Indian Tom, late a Covenant Servant to John Nicholls, deced., setting forth that by agreement he was to serve the said Nicholls dureing his life ... order that Indian Tom be free.


Orders 1714-16,

p.255, 6 September 1715, At the motion of John Stuart, it is ordered that his three Tythables vizt. James Ingram, Indian Occoquan and himselfe be added to the List of Tythables.


Will Book B, page 121, inventory of Peter Chilton, by order of court on 21 June 1719,

one negro girle named Fillis 25 pounds

one Mullato garle named Margrit Murrow 16 pounds


p296, will of John my daughter Ann Berry my two Molatto Girls named Betty and Lucy...they shall remain with my wife for her use until my said daughter shall come to the age of eighteen or marry. 6 December 1726, proved 7 March 1726/7.


p.307, Inventory of John Berry, order of court 7 March 1726/7

Slaves: Negro man named Peter 25 pounds, etc.


1 Mollatto girl called Betty 8 pounds

1 Molatto girl called Lucy 12 pounds

recorded 4 April 1727


Orders 1721-6,

p.53, November 1722, The Grand Jury haveing presented Margarett a Mollatto woman servt. to Robert Holderless for haveing a bastard child.

p.56, January 1722/3, Zebulon Chilton appeared in Court and confest Judgment to the Churchwardens of Christ Church Parish for 500 pounds of Tobacco the fine due for Margarett a Mollatto Servt. to Robt. Holderness haveing a bastard child which he is ordered to pay.


Orders 1740-4, p.146, 4 November 1740, Frank a Mulatto man now in the Possession of Thomas Montague On his Petition for his freedom has leave to proceed in Forma Pauperis and John Lewis, Gent., is assigned his attorney. ... next court.

p.151, The petition of Frank a Mulatto man ... for reasons appearing to the Court is dismissed.

p.227, 5 July 1743, Simon a Mulatto Man held as a servant by Sr. Grey Skipwith petition for his freedom is admitted to sue in forma pauperis. James Jones, Gent., assigned.

Peter a Mulatto man held as a servant by Miss Dorothy Skipwith petition for freedom is admitted to sue in forma pauperis. James Jones, Gent., assigned.

p.235 Peter a Mulatto man servant to Dorothy Skipwith ... he had served the Deft. till he had attained the age of twenty one ... serve till thirty one ... dismissed.

p.236 Simon a Mulatto man vs. Sr. Grey Skipwith ... ditto.


Will Book C, pages 97-8, Inventory of David Condon dated 4 March 1742/3:

a Mulatto woman servant for 4 years 8 pounds

Ditto a Boy 15 pounds


pages 140-1, inventory of Elizabeth Long recorded 1 May 1744,

1 Mulatto girl 2 pounds


p.303, Inventory of Mr. Anthony Smith, 8 January 1745/6,

1 Negro boy Ozman 30 pounds

1 Negro boy called Adam 15 pounds

1 Molattto Girl called Sarah Spanyard 5 pounds


Orders 1745-52, p.119, 2 June 1747, Upon the petition of Frank a Mulatto man (held as a Slave by Mr. Thomas Montague) for his freedom; he is admitted to sue in forma pauperis and Clement Pynes, Gent., is assigned his attorney to prosecute his suit ... take the deposition of William Gardner in that matter.

p.124, 7 July 1747, Frank a Mulatto man v. Thomas Montague ... he is a free man and no slave. one shilling damages and costs. Frank a Mulatto man pay John Brame (witness).


The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Virginia, The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va. 1653 to 1812. Baltimore. Genealogical Publishing Co. 1964


p. 31 Buried 27 February 1686, Thomas Browne an Indian


p. 43 Katherine a Mulatto Woman was baptized the 11th of November 1694.


p. 74, Moll daughter of Indian Fanny borne 2d May 1705.


p. 85, Mary an Indian Woman dyed May 16 & was buried May ye 18 1716.


p. 260, Dick an Indian Slave belonging to John Grymes dyed Ap: 2d buried Ap: 3, 1720

p. 263, Jack an Indian Slave belonging to John Smith dyed Feb'y ye 17 1721.


p. 209, Lucy daughter of Anne a Mulatto in ye Service of Sr Wm Skipwith born Feb'y ye 25, 1722

p. 214, Mary & Rachel daughters of Rebecca a Mollatto belonging to Sr Wm Skipworth born Nov. 30, 1724.


p. 221, Lucy daughter of Sarah a free negro born at James Meacham's April ye 8, 1728.


Vestry Book of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia 1663-1767, C.G. Chamberlayne 1927, Old Dominion Press Richmond Va

p.68, Att a vestry held for Christ Church Parish in Middlesex County November the 11th 1690, Mr. Maurice Cock 1000 lb of Tobacco & Cask for Keeping of a Mulatto Bastard named Ann of abt Two Years old, and the said Cock is to Discharge this Parish of all Trouble and Charge of the said Mulatto for the Future.



Deed Book 6, 1695-1703, part 1, p.58, Francis Simpson, deceased, 27 July 1696, Simpson's inventory: one Indian woman slave 25 years old 22 pounds; one boy about 3 years old 7 pounds; one white servt. boy about 6 or 7 years to serve 5 pounds.


Deed Book 6, 1695-1703 (Orders) 25 November 1700, (Complexi)ion Black, a Servant to Thomas Tabor, petitioning this Court that __ set free and in her petition setting forth that she was a free Negro __ hath served her time which shee was Sold to the said Tabor for by ___ of Peter Hobson, deceased, and the said Tabor appearing in Court ___ to produce his deed of saile for the said Negro woeman, the Said ____ __clared tot he Court that he could not now produce the said deede of Sale ___ ___ing Liberty till next to make it appear how Longe a time he bought ____ and Ann ____ ____ in Court offering to pay the said Ann for what time it shall then appear he hath detained the said Ann unjustly according as this Court shall judge reasonable whereupon it is referred till next Court.


p.199, 19 January 1700/01, Whereas Ann of Complexion black petitioned last Court for her freedom and setting forth in her petition that she was a free Negro born and served the time she was sold for by the Executors of Peter Hobson, deceased, to her Master Thomas Tabor which was referred till this Court for the said Tabor being Now Deceased and the said Ann producing a Certificate from the Clerk of Elizabeth City County that the said Ann was born the 23 of June in the year 1676 and was babtized and the wife of the Decedent Mrs. Mary Tabor being summoned to appear and make her objections and show her reasons if any why the said Ann should not be Sett free and shee haveing nothing to object against it whereupon it is ordered that the said Ann bee free from any further servitude.


Deed Book 9, 1710-17

pp.32-3, Inventory of the estate of Roger Kelsall, decd., 8 July 1710

1 Indian boy about 4 years old 12 pounds

1 Indian woman and child 30 pounds

1 greay gelding 7 pounds

1 Indian woman named Toyney 26 pounds


p.111, Indenture between Bridgett Gosscutt and son John Halstead, one Negrow man called Jonas, one Negrow man called Dick and a boy called James which came of one Indian woman called Jueday and my Negrow woman called Abbe and a Negrow woman called peggy and their increase. 17 January 1711/2.


p.271-2, Inventory of the estate of Mr. Patrick Whyte, deceased, taken 2 July 1713.

one Negro man, one Indian woman, 2 Indian Mullato boys, one Indian Mallato girle, one Mallato child.


pp.460-2, William Dale will... to son Richard Dale when he shall attain to the age of twenty years one Indian man named Arthur and my still, son William one Negro named Cabindo, son Daniel Negro man named Gordon. 9 October 1715.


Orders 1710-17,

p.51, 20 March 1712/3, Nell a Molatto woman a servant to Mr. Matthew Mathias hath made appear in open Court that she hath fully served her time according to law to her said master, it is therefore ordered she be freed and acquitted from him for any future service but being convicted of having two bastard children it is therefore ordered that she have thirty nine lashes well laid on here Bare Back and or that she be fined five hundred pounds of tobacco a piece for each offense for which Mr. Maxl Boush engages himself to pay her fine...she serve one year's service.


p.76, 15 January 1713/4, On the action depending before the Court between Mr. Maxll. Bush plaintiff & Mr. Matthew Mathias? concerning two Mollattoes in the said Matthews Custody. Mr. Mathias? keep Francis and Mr. Boush have the youngest named Gage. Churchwardens bind them to serve according to Law.


Orders 1710-7,

p.99, 11 November 1714, Wm Maund presented a certificate from Mr. Willis Wilson for taking up a Mallato woman and child named Moll belonging to Mr. Thomas Jordan of Nansemond County.


Orders 1723-34, p.55, 20 May 1726, Bristoll and Isbell two orphan free Negroes by Consent of their Mother Affe alias Africa ... before the Generall Court ... bound to Charles Portlock till 21 years of age. Bristol 10 years old Isbell 8? years old.

p.56 Solomon an infant free Negro bound to Portlock.


p.92, 20 June 1729, petition of Nann a free negro woman agst. David Sutter ... next Court.

p.95, 18 July 1729, petition of Nan a free negro agst. David Southerland continued.


Deed Book 12, 1730-1734,

p.15, Last will of Constant my Negro girl Witsuntide for the time she has to serve to my daughter Constant Michason... proved 17 May 1734.


p.160, This Indenture witnesses that there is an intended marriage between Francis Hodges of the Southern Branch above bridge of Norfolk cooper and Martha Jordan of Nansemond County widow and relict of Mr. Thomas Jordan, deceased, and the said Martha Jordan disposes of that part of her own estate as she ye said Martha shall think fit to her three children namely Samuel Cahoon, James Jordan and Martha Jordan James JOrdan one Mulatto Girl named Cina to serve until she shall attaine the age of thirty one years with all her increase from this time to be delivered to him when he shall attaine the age of 18 years.

Daughter Rachel Jordan one Mulatto girle named Nann and her incresae from this time until she shall attaine the age of thirty one years. 19 July 1734.



Orders 1746-1750,

p.21a, 19 February 1746/7, on the Petition of Indian Sarah a poor person to Sue for her freedom. It is ordered se be admitted to do it in form pauporis.


p.83, 17 April 1752, Church Wardens of Elizabeth River bind Abb a Free Negro Girl Daughter of Frank to Nath. Adams.


Orders 1753-5

p.118, 21 February 1755, Church Wardens of Elizabeth River Parish bind Nanny Daughter of Hannah a free Negro to William Newbould.


p.134, 18 April 1755, Church Wardens of Elizabeth River Parish bind Nanny Daughter of Hannah a free Negro to Patrick Brown.


Orders 1759-63, p.31 5 May 1760, Dummay a free Negro is acquitted of the Levy.


p.46, 17 July 1760, Church wardens of Elizabeth River Parish bind Nanny Daughter of Hannah a free Negro to Thomas Creach. Patrick Browne her former master appears and consents.

p.75, 16 January 1761, Church Wardens of Elizabeth River Parish bind Joshua Son of Fortune a free Negro to Nicholas Winterton.


Orders 1763-1765, p.97, 19 April 1764, Church Wardens of Elizabeth River bind Nanny daughter of Rachel a free Negro to the Rev. Thos. Davis.


Orders 1768-71, p.192, 17 August 1770, Church Wardens of St. Bride's Parish bind Bridget and Phillis, Children of Bess, to Richard Whitehurst.

Church Wardens of St. Bride's Parish bind Marsh a free Negro to James Whitehurst.


p.250, 18 April 1771, Sheriff summon Jane Miller to appear at next court to answer the complaint of Frank her apprentice.


p.257, 16 May 1771, Fran, a Free Negro, against Jane Miller dismissed. Ordered the Church Wardens of St. Bride's Parish provide a master for the said Frank.


Orders 1773-5, p.2, 18 November 1773, Grand Jury presents free negro Andrew for not listing himself as a tithable.




Orders 1678-1698,

p.74, 15 September 1680, Several slaves of Mr. Thomas adjudged: Thomas an Indian boy, Saray an Indian girle, Susan a Negro girl adjudged to eight years of age, Harry a Negroe boy, Jane an Indian girl adjudged 5 years, George an Indian boy 4 yeares of age, Ann an Molatto Girle 2 yeares of age.


p.267, 20 May 1685, Sarah, an Indian Servant to Richard Hull is adjudged to be twelve yeares of age.


p.445, 22 November 1688, To James ye Indian King 1 wolfe 200 pds tobacco

to Tom the Indian 1 wolfe, 200 pds tobacco


p.596, 20 July 1692, Judgment granted Tom an Indian agst. Mr. Thomas Bushrod, executor of Mr. Nicholas Owen deced, for the payment of 100 pds. of tobacco and casq out of the sd decedents estate.


p.680, 22 November 1694, Phebe Witter als. Cook servt. to ye estate of Ebenizer Sanders deced, hath had a bastard chid as she hath made oath in Court by Tom an Indian slave belonging to ye sd estate.

p.681, Anne Witter als. Cook base child of Phebe Witter ... bound by court to Jno. Cockrell.


Orders 1699-1713, pt. 1

p.500, 17 December 1707, Grand Jury present Madm Winders servant named Margtt liveing in St. Steven's Parish for haveing a Molatto bastard.

p.674, 21 June 1710, Grand Jury Inquest, Margtt at Widw Winder for haveing a Molatto child.


Orders 1699-1713, Pt. 2,

p.711, 21 March 1710/11, Marea a Mulatto Servt. belonging to Mr. Joseph Holt being brought to this Court to be adjudged for having a bastard child serve according to Law.


p.833, 19 June 1713, Madge an Indian being arrested at the suit of Richd Ball, Gentl., for 4,900 pounds of tobacco and not appearing order granted the sd. Ball against Thomas Burbidge, security.


Orders 1713-19,

October 1713, first page of book, no page number, trial for Examining George an Indian Mulatto criminal ... inhabitant of Wiccomocoe Indian Town ... for murdering Allen Dorrett ... confesses he struck him with a stake ... John Veazey carried him into the house of Indian John.


p.173, August 1716, Indian John (an Indian belonging to Wiccomoco Indian Town) ... feloniously burning two dwelling houses belonging to Maurice Jones, Gent., ... not tryable dismissed ... Enter into recognizance here in Court for their good behaviour. Indian John, Wm. Taptico, James Veazey and Indian Peter acknowledged themselves ... security for his good behaviour especially towards Maurice Jones, Gent.


Record Book 1706-1720,

Inventory of Hancock Lee, March 21, 1710

Negro man named Dick 50 years old, 22 pounds

Indian woman named Venus 30 years old, 23 pounds

Maulatto man named Tom Dubriks(?) aged 24 years 35 pounds

Negro boy Peter aged 17, 29 pounds


p.103, at house of John Webb, deceased, 17 May 1711

one Mulatto woman 5,000 pounds of tobacco

one Mulatto woman 5,000 pounds of tobacco


Record Book 1710-1713,

pp. 202-6, Inventory of Joseph Hoult dated 18 June 1712

one molato man named John haveing eleven years to serve 5500 # tob.


p.308, 17 January 1713/4, Prince, John Keen's Indian slave who was convicted of felony, granted royal pardon.


Record Book 1726-29,

p.18, Inventory of David Spence, returned 20 July 1726

a Molatto boy 15 pounds


Record Book 1738-43

p.87a, inventory of Richard Lee, deceased, now in the hands of the late widdow, 19 negroes, 2 servants til 21 years, July 14, 1740.

p.94a, division of estate of Richard Lee, Gent., at the house of Mrs. Judith Lee allotted her third part of her deceased husband's estate:

1 Negro boy Moses @ 12 pounds

1 ditto bound til 21 years of age name Stephen @10 pounds

1 ditto named Thomas til 21 years of age @12 pounds

8 September 1740.


Record Book 1762-1766

pp.204-5, Estate of Winder Kenner

1 Mulatto Man Nick 35

1 Mulatto Man Gush 30

1 Mulatto Man John 25

1 Mulatto Man Will 25

1 Mulatto Man Joe 20

1 Negro Man Joe 80

1 Negro girl Nanny 45

1 Molatto woman Winny

1 Molatto woman Hannah 30

1 Molatto girl Milly 30

1 Molatto girl Bett 30

1 Molatto girl Maysie 25

recorded 11 April 1763.


Record Book 1766-1770

p.523, estate of Joseph Wildy by order of court 11 December 1769

Sue a Melatto to serve till 31 years of age - 11 pounds.


Record Book 1770-1772

p.113, appraisal of estate of Lewis Lamkin, recorded 14 January 1771

Negro Cumbo 30 pounds

Negro girl Rachel (free Molattoe)

ditto wench Alice & child (free Molattoes).


p.248, 8 April 1771, inventory of estate of William Townsend

Negro man Jack 80 pounds

Mulatto man Rawleigh 30 pounds

Molatto woman Amy 15 pounds

Molatto woman Milley 17 pounds [RB 1770-2, 248].


p.497, appraisal of estate of William Greenwood, 14 May 1770

Jack an old fellow 20 pounds

Jack a Molatto Boy (about 10 or 12 years old) 10 pounds

Isaac a Molatto about 8 years 5 pounds


Record Book 1772-1776

p.249, account of sales of estate of William Greenwood, May 30, 1770

to Joseph Ball 2 Molatter Boys 16 pounds, 15 shillings


p.498, Inventory of the estate of James Toulson, deceased, 10 October 1774:

Augustine to be free at 31 years of age 25 pounds

John to serve till ditto 25 pounds

Joe ditto 20 pounds

Lettice ditto 18 pounds

Rachel ditto 15 pounds

Masseo(?) ditto and her child Charlotte about one month old to serve until 18 years of age.


Will Book 2, Inventories & Accounts 1744-78,

p.48, Inventory of estate of Robert Turner, dec., December 1744

To one Molatto woman named Betty 7 pounds

1 Molatto lad named Bash 15 pounds

1 Molatto lad named George 9 pounds

1 Molatto lad Sylvester 6 pounds

1 Molatto girl Jane 9 pounds


Orders 1741-3,

p.303, 27 November 1742, Ordered that Mumford Steavens be summoned to appear to ye next Court to answer the complaint of Mulattoe Moll his servant for threatening to carry her out of ye County & detaining her as a servant.

27 January 1742/3, 309, Alexander Macharton, John Bowling, Manicassa, Captn. Tom, Isaac, Harry, Blind Tom, Foolish Jack, Charles Griffin, John Collins, Little Jack, Indians ... security for good behaviour


p.313, 27 January 1742/3, On the Complaint of Mullatoe Moll agst. Mumford Steavens ... Mrs. Elizabeth Bletsoe being sworn on oath declared that a servant woman named Mullatoe Moll belonging to Mumford Steavens is twenty years & eight months old to ye best of her knowledge, that She came of a Mulattoe woman named Jenny who served John Steavens till the age of thirty one years and that she believes that she was born in the time of her mother's servitude whom she believes was bound. She further says she believes the Grand m other of ye complaintant was a white woman, which deposition of Mrs. Bletsoe and Motion of Zachariah Lewis, Gent., attorney for ye complaintant is admitted and ordered to be certified ... said Mumford Steavens be summoned to appear at next Court.


p.323, James Porteus ... declares that to the best of his knowledge in the year 1731 or 1732 he wrote a set of indentures for binding a Mulattoe Girl whom he believes to be this Moll at that time living with Capt. Bletsoe that the sd. Bletsoe paid him for the same five shillings, that the said Bletsoe offered the same to Col. Henry Willis and Col. John Walter churchwardens that the said Bletsoe had no occasion to bind her she being obliged to serve according to the condition of the Mother.


Orders 1743-46,

p.20, 24 September 1743, On the Petition of Mumford Stevens ... Mulatto Moll be added to the list of Tiths. in St. Thomas' Parish.


Orders 1763-9,

p.475, 25 March 1768, Church Wardens bind out the following bastard children of Sarah a Malatter Wench Deced. that Served her time with Peter Rucker, Vizt. Harry, Morilla, Rachel, Milley and Sukey, the Boy to the age of 21 years and the Girls to the age of 18 years.



Orders 1772-1775, p.435, 25 August 1775

Ordered the Church Wardens of the Parish of Cambden do take the Molatto children in the possession of Benjamin Lawless and bind them out in such manner as the Law directs.

Orders 1787-91, p.402, 20 May 1790, On the complaint of Cyrus Butcher (who is supposed is a free Indian) setting forth that he is held in slavery by a certain John Worsham of this County. Ordered that the said John be summoned to next court.

Orders 1791-94, p.295, 19 November 1793, Cyrus Butcher vs. John Worsham. Plaintiff not appearing. Non suit. Pay 5 shillings plus costs & 15 shilling attorney fees.



Orders 1767-1770,

p.302, July 1770, Ordered the Church Wardens of St. Patrick's Parish bind Chloe a Mulato Child orphan of ___ according to Law.

Orders 1771-81,

p.291, 16 August 1773, Isham a Free Negro boy be bound by the churchwardens to Peter Le Grand, Gent.




Wills & Deeds, 1710-3 [Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly XXIX, no. 2].

p. 146, will of John my wife Clary, for her widowhood, two Indians Rose and Dillo to return to my children as follows: Indian Rose to son John and daughter Elizabeth, Indian man Dillo to son Charles and daughter Judith equally when Charles is 21. 9 January 1710/11, recorded 8 July 1712.


Deeds, Etc. 1713-1728 (microfilm of original at LVA).

p.15, 26 May 1714, Inventory of James Boreman, dec.,

To a negro man haveing but 10 years to serve, he being to be Free at 30 years of age by his Master's will - 20 pounds


p.24, 15 May 1714, Inventory of Joshua Patterson, dec.,

to 1 Indian slave 25 pounds


p.70, 6 September 1715, Inventory of Samuel Tatum,

an Old Indian wench Ann & a young child- 18 pounds

to an old wench Sue at - 12 pounds

to an Indian Girle Moll at - 15 pounds

to an Indian Boy Sam at - 12 pounds

to an Indian Boy Jack at - 9 pounds


p.247, will of Matthew Anderson of Bristol Parish, to Brother James Anderson my Indian woman named Nanny to him and his heirs forever, sister Elizabeth Liggon one Indian boy Abraham to her and her heirs forever. 25 February 1717/8, proved 10 June 1718.


p.356, 24 June 1719, Inventory of Randle Platt,

Will a Negro man - 30

Jack an Indian man - 25


p.428-9, 13 April 1720 will of Nicholas Wyatt, proved 13 December 1720,

I give unto my Negro woman Moll her freedom.


p.498-9, inventory of Edward Goodrich recorded 10 October 1721,

7 Negro slaves 160 pounds

2 old Negroes/ 2 young ditto 30 pounds

2 Negroes at the High Hills in Surry County 60 pounds

Three Mallattos not slaves 30 pounds


p.561-2, 17 October 1722, will of John Hatch, proved 13 November 1722,

to son Nicholas Hatch my plantation ... likewise all my Negro, Mallatto and Indian slaves for ever.


p.669, inventory of Edwd Goodrich, recorded 10 December 1722,

3 Negro men 90 pounds

3 Negro women 90 pounds

... cows etc.

at end of inventory:

One Mallatto Woman and four children 20 pounds


p.802, will of Richard Tidmarsh of Bristol Parish 25 January 1724/ servant Betty to be free at four and twenty years...Item, I give three Mallatto Children to my son John Dureing their time. proved 11 May 1725.


p.864, Jno. Anderson inventory 29 January 1725/6.

1 Indian woman & child 21 pounds.


p.934, Inventory of David Crawley 8 November 1726

One Indian man one Indian girl 25 pounds.


pp. 972-3, William Pettypool will, 13 September 1721 proved 14 March 1726/7. wife Elizabeth Petypool remainder of my estate during her life, my Indian woman then to be free.


pp. 973-4, will of Francis Wynne of Bristol Parish, 16 October 1725, Daughter Martha Cocke one Negro woman named Temp, one Negro woman named Kate, one Indian girl named Phebe...Indian girl named Hannah which slaves I give her forever.

To my daughter in law Mary Herbert one Mallatto girl named Sue to serve her the said Mary till she the said Sue shall attain to the full age of 22 years and then to go free. proved 14 March 1726/7.


p.1019, Inventory of Thomas Clay, 16 March 1726/7.

1 Indian woman named Maria - 10 pounds


p.1049, inventory of Capt. Henry Maynard, 14 January 1726/7

To 1 Mallatto Girl if a slave 13 pounds if Born free then valued to 8 pounds.


Orders 1737-40,

p.90, Action of Detinue brought by Edward Birchett against William Eaton ... refuseing to deliver to the plaintiff a certain Indian Woman Slave named Patt, and four Indian Slaves named Patt, Phebe, Hall, & Pompey, all the children of the said Indian Woman Patt ... 10 January 1736 in the Parish of Bristol in this County.


p.378, 8 June 1739, Robin and Dick two Mulato Boys Sons of Amy a Mulato Woman be bound by the Churchwardens of Bristol Parish to William Coleman until the age of twenty one.




Will Book C, 1734-1744,

p.11, 21 August 1734, inventory of Charles Broadwater

To 1 Molater Girll 31 years to serve - 10 pounds

To 1 Molater Boy at Ditto - 10 pounds





Deed Book 1, 1691-1708, Inventory of Patrick White, appraised 5 October 1691,

an Indian Girl named Doll, a negro girle named black Bess - 15 pounds


p.407 (original), Inventory of Robert Richmond, May 1699, Account of the negroes:

Two negro women, one named Doll, she being very old, the other named Jimy, and indion woman, one negro boy about ten yeares of age...


Minutes 1691-1709, pt. 2

folio 329, 1 July 1702, William Spragg presently two Mollattos to the Court named Tom & Mary wch. he desired might be bound to him according to Law. Now whereas att ye Last Court he was sued & judgmt. past agt. him for three pounds as by his bill ast. to Robt. Hamay which consideration being for this Mary & ye parent of ye boy Tom being not in this Colony so that these children might be a Charge to ye parish. It is therefore ordered sd Mollatos be bound to serve the sd. Spragg, boy being abt. five years old & ye Made seven years old & ye sd Spragg took ye one abt. twelve months old & ye other abt. eight mo. old.


Minutes 1709-17,

p.248, 1 May 1717, Grand Jury ... presents Jane a Molatto woman at Mrs. Elizabeth Catherill's


Minutes 1717-28, p.2, 2 October 1717, The order to take Mollato Jane into Custody is Continued & ordered that the Sheriff attach her body till she give security for her appearance next Court.


p.8, 5 February 1717/8, The order attaching Mollato Jane and Robert Hutchingson is continued and ordered that he take them into his custody till they give security to appear.


p.9, 5 March 1717/8, Sarah a free negro vs. Mallone. Sarah a free negro formerly belonging to Mr. John Mal___ to be refd. for ye producing of ye said ____.


p.13, 2 April 1718, Upon ye Petition of Sarah a free negro formerly belonging to Mr. John Richardson deced. It's ordered that Rodolphus Malbone pay & deliver to her two barrels of Indian corn yearly out of ye said John's Estate according to his last will & Testament.


p.185, 6 November 1723, The Grand Jury haveing returned their presentments Summons Jenney a free Mollatto at John Lambarts, Nel a free Mollatto at Mr. Tenants.


p.187, 6 December 1723, Mr. James Tenant came into Court & promised to pay Mollatto Nel's fine for haveing a bastard child & ordered he pay the Churchwardens 500 pounds toba.


Jenney a Mollatto woman living at John Lombart's to next court for her master to produce indentures.


p.197, 4 March 1723/4, Jane a free Mollatto presented by the Grand Jury for having a bastard child and in Court alledging she is unable to pay the fine ... 30 lashes.


p.281, 7 June 1727, Nell a Molatto woman summond to answer the presentment of the Grand Jury for having a base born child appearing & refused to pay her fine ... 25 lashes.


24 January 1727/8, p.304, Court of Public Claims, Mr. Thomas Haynes ... for taking up a runaway Indian named Peter belonging to Captain Andrew Mead of Nansemond County.


Deeds & Wills 1714-24,

p. 457, Inventory of the estate of Mr. Ar. Thorowgood, 31 July 1722

To paid Betty free negro 0/1/8


Deeds & Wills 1724-35,

p.453, Inventory of John Morris, 28 April 1733

a Indian m__ __ years old 15 pounds

a negro wom__ 30 years old 13 pounds


p.457, will of Sarah Boush, wife of Maximillian daughter Mary Boush my Indian woman called Rachel with all her present and future increase and her heirs forever. 13 March 1732/3. Proved 5 September 1733.


Minutes 1728-37,

p.12, 5 February 1728/9, Josias a Spanish Molatto ... petition setting forth that his master John Bolithoe in his lifetime promised him his freedom ... freed.


p.26, 4 June 1729, Presentment of the Grand Jury agst. Hester a free negro woman for having a base born child is ordered to be dismist the Court being of opinion that she is not within the Act of Assembly.


P.112, 4 August 1731,

On the complaint of a Mollatto woman belonging to Mrs. Susannah Mclenahan it's ordered that the Sheriff summons the said Susannah to ye next Court to answer the complaint & that the complaintant remain in the Custody of the Sheriff till then.

p.116, Jenny complained that her mistress ... had whip'd her very much & misused her and it appearing that ye said molatto was only clogg'd with a chain, it is therefore ordered said Jenny return to her mistress' service who is not to whip the said servant but as the Law directs.


p.295, 8 January 1735/6

George a free negro against Mjr. Maxmillian Boush is continued.


p.298, 8 January 1735/6, Gage a free born Negro formerly belonging to James Ewell, decd., petition that he had duly served him praying for his freedom ... ought to serve thirty one years as per Act of Assembly ... ruled that the petition is not within that Act and therefore do order that he be free from all service.


Minutes 1737-44,

p.78, 8 November 1739, Mulatto Sue against James Broughton } Debt. Ordered to be continued to next Court for proof.

p.85, 3 January 1739/40, Mulatto Sue against James Broughton Contd. for Deft's witness who gives up first indenture and stands by ye second that the pltf. remain in ye Sheriffs Custody as formerly ordered.


p.119, November 1740, Lewis a free negro agst. George Walker in Trespass &c the defendant being called appeared not on motion of the pltf's attorney an attachment is granted him agst the defendant returnable next court.

p.120, 4 March 1740/1, Free Lewis negro his suit against George Walker is dismist it being agreed.

p.224 7 December 1743, Tony a free negro presented by the Grand Jury & being summoned but failing to appear it is therefore ordered that an attachment issue ? him returnable next Court.


1744-53, p.142, 16 August 1748, Sarah an Indian against Patrick White dismissed.


15 May 1750, Two Mulattos bound. Ordered that Sarah and Jack, two free born Mallattos be bound to Robert Burley as the Law directs.


p.253, 16 April 1751, Anne Blair against Sarah a free Indian agreed dismissed.


Deed Book 1747-55,

p.547, will of James son James Moore all the plantation I bought of Francis Spratt where I now live together with following slaves; vizt.: young Tom Indian, one negro boy called little Tom, negro Joe...forever.


Minutes 1753-1762

p.58, 19 September 1753, Indian Nedd against Robert Roe on the defts. prayer a special Imparlance is granted him to next Court.

p.143, 20 November 1754, Indian Nedd vs. Robert Roe dismissed at defts. costs.


Minutes 1762-1769, p.143, 18 December 1764, Ordered that Jimmy a Mulatto be bound to William Whitehart until 21 to be a shoemaker.

p.429 4 December 1767, An indenture from Indian James to Willoughby Old was proved by the Oaths of all the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

p.530, 1 June 1769, The Grand Jury by Presentment against Indian Joe for concealing himself a Tithable continued. ditto Indian Will.


Deed Book 9, part 2, pp. 580-1, Will of Reodolphus Malbone, Sr., 27 January 1766, to grandson James Cann one young Molloto lad called Daniel lawfully begotten for ever but if in case the Law allow of it I doe hereby absolutely set the above said Molloto lad Daniel free.


Deed Book 10, 1767-1769, 261, Willoughby Old and Indian James agreed that the said Indian shall be bound to Old as a servant for fifty years for the consideration of fifty pounds 16 January 1768.


Minutes 1770-3,

p.212, 6 February 1772, Ordered the Churchwardens bind out according to Law China a Free Negro to Sarah Godfrey to learn the Art of Seamstress.


Minutes 1773-82,

p.321, 12 November 1778, Ordered the Churchwardens bind out Rose an Infant Free Mulatto Daughter of Daurothy to Mary Burch.



Orders 1694-1699,

p.300, 1 June 1698, will of Kit a Christian Indian presented.


p.336, 8 September 1698,

Parish of St. Mary's, said land granted to one Ned Gunstocker, an Indian, by patent of 14 ___ 1666 for 150 acres and said Ned Gunstocker dyed without issue or last will, said 150 acres descended to Indian Betty Nonomisk, Daughter of said Ned Gunstocker, his own sister of said Indian Betty als. Nonomisk and Numskinner her husband...

p.376, 2 March 1698/9, Daughter of the sister of the said Ned Gunstocker was an Indian Nataive of the colony (and therefore not a citizen).


Wills & Inventories, 1699-1709,

pp.37-40, 24 February 1701/2, Inventory of Arthur Spicer, Gent.,

The Negroes:

Roxena an Indian slave ... 25 pounds.


Wills & Inventories 1709-1717,

pp.28-30, will of Lem Cox parish of St. Mary ... manumit Indian slave named Will within one year of my decease ... pay him 1,000 pds. tobacco ... 18 October 1710, proved 6 December 1710.

pp.35-6, inventory of Lem Cox deceased, Will Indian free by master's will 25th October net for 10 month service 1,000 pds.


pp.122-4, will of Anne Astin widdow of North Farnham Parish ... order and appoint that my Negro Girl Winny shall be free when and as soon as she arrives to 21 ... 19 January 1711/2, proved 6 May 1713.


pp.237-8, estate of Richd Taliaferro, Negro man named Governor 25 pounds, Old Indian woman 15 pounds, recorded 7 March 1715/6.



Will Book 4, 1717-25, pp. 18-19, 22 March 1717/8 will of Job Hamon, sr., son Wm Hamon an Indian woman Bess

son Jno Indian woman Mary

If Indian woman Bess is now with child ye children shall be for ye use of Hannah Hammon my son Wm's daughter. 2 April 1718


p.24, Job Hammon's inventory,

an Old Ingin woman 5 pds

one Negro woman Phillis 30 pds


an Ingen woman 50 pds


pp.32-3, will of Henry Seagar of North Farnham Parish ... one Mulatto man namned Tom shall from and immediately after my death be absolutely free and discharged from all servitude or slavery to any person. 27 February 1717/8.


pp. 184-5, inventory of Edmond Dobbins, 5 July 1721,

1 Ingen woman called Bess 3 pounds


Orders 1704-8,

p.65, 6 June 1705, Betty an Indian Girl belonging to Job Hammond ... adjudged six yeares old.


p.111, 6 February 1705/6, Petition of Sembo, an East India Indian Servant to Jno. Lloyd, Esq., for his freedom.

p.156-9, Petition of Moota, an East India Indian, servant to Capt. Thomas Beale, surviving executor of Mr. William Colston, deced., for his freedom ... ordered and judged that said Moota be free ... ordered and adjudged that said Sembo be free.


Orders 1711-16,

p.145, 3 September 1713, Attachment ... against the estate of William Martin ... ordered the Sheriff summon ... and Indian Robin to appear at the next Court and render an Account upon oath how much they have in their hands of the Estate of William Martin.

p.479, 2 May 1716, Anthony an Indian v. Long, The Order made last March Court for the Sheriff to summon Henry Long to answer what should be offered against him by Anthony, an East India Indian, is hereby discontinued.


Orders 1739-46, p. 65, March 1739/40, Whereas Winny a free Negro woman and Will a Negro man Slave belonging to Mr. William Beale was this day brought before the Court on Suspicion of Hog Stealing but noe sufficient Evidence appearing to prove the fact therefore they are discharged.


p.514, March 1745/6, Daphney a Mulatto Girl aged Seventeen years this day in open Court agreed to Serve Mr. Anthony Syndnor or his Assigns till She arrive to the age of Thirty one years.


Orders 1746-52, 152, October 1748, Ordered the Sheriff John Belfield to Appear at Next Court to Answer. The Petn. of Daphney a Mulatto Agst him for her freedom.


Orders 1769-73, p.357, Free Dick vs. John Eskridge Trespass, assault and battery...defendant cannot gainsay the plaintiff's action...he owes the debt...12 pounds, 10 shillings damages.


Orders 1776-84, p. 231, 4 June 1782, petition of Providence a Mulatto girl in the service of Robert Mitchell, Gent., for her freedom. next court

p.237, Providence a Mulatto vs. Robert Mitchell, judgment according to prayer of petitioner.

Church Wardens of Lunenburg Parish bind out Judith the daughter of Providence a Mulatto woman.



Minutes 1774-80, 22 Novemer 1774, p.4, Churchwardens bind out a Mulatto girl named Jane now in the possession of Edwin Young to Jonathan Langdon until she attains the age of eighteen years.



Orders 1749-54,

p.18, 14 September 1749, The petition of Roger an Indian agst Michael McDonald for Debt due by Account is dismissed neither party appearing.


p.196, 13 December 1751, Ordered the Churchwardens of Nottoway Parish Bind out Sam a Mulatto child according to Law.


1754-9, p.105, 10 July 1755, Indian Roger against Indian Fatt } Trespass

p.139, 11 September 1755, Indian Fatt vs. Indian Rodger, in trespass, abates by the plaintiff being dead.


p.296, 9 September 1756, Wynoke Sarah vs. Richard Kerby, Jr., Trespass, Assault and Battery, abates by the plaintiff being dead.



Orders 1735-38

p.440, Zachary Lewis, Churchwarden of St. George Parish, presents Ann Jones, a servant belonging to John West, who declared that Pompey an East Indian (slave) belonging to William Woodford, Gent., was the father of sd child which was adjudged of by the Court that she was not under the law having a Mullato child, that only relates to Negroes and Mullatoes and being Silent as to Indians, carry sd. Ann Jones to the whipping post.


Will Book B, p. 409, 14 July 1758, inventory of Francis Talliferro, Gent.,

Frank Indian one ditto (Negro Man) ditto (planter) 60 pounds

James Kenny Negro Man planter 60 pounds


Orders 1746-8,

p.444, 6 October 1747, On Petition of John Elson to have a Mulatto girl bound to him the same is ___


Orders 1749-55,

p.129, 3 September 1751, Judey a Negro Girl and Capt. Henry an Indian Boy adjudged 8 years old both belonging to Charles Dick, Gent.


Orders 1755-75, p.208, 4 May 1761, The Grand Jury Presentments ... George a free Negroe for cohabiting with a white woman of sd. County.


Orders 1768-1774, p.155, 19 April 1771, An Indenture Between Fanny a free negro and Mary Horn proved by the oath of Nicholas Smith.




Will Book Liber Z, 1699-1709,

p.114, 2 June 1701 inventory of Mrs. Ann Onsley ... one sorrey Indian slave at 2000 pds. tobacco.


Will Book Liber M, 1729-1748

p.28, Parish of Overwarton ... will of George Crosby ... son George plantation where I dwelleth also old Negro Will and Indian Nan. Item I bequeath unto George Crosby Junior the son of my son George one Indian Mulatto woman Frank & her increase as also one Indian Mullatta Boy Jno Cooper ... 14 September 1725, proved 14 April 1731.


p.375, inventory of John Washington, Gent., Ben a Mulatto for 31 years. 12 July 1743.


Wills Liber O, 1748-63,

p.98, One Mullato called lite to serve to 31 years of age, 20 March 1749 inventory of estate of Wm. Baxter, recorded 10 April 1750


p.277, Langhorn Dade, 8 June 1754 inventory, recorded 11 June 1752 Court,

Mulattoes for 31 years, 1 girl named Else, 1 boy Do. James, 1 Do. Sally, 1 Do. Solomon.


p.290, inventory of Henry Dade ... Mulatto wench 4 years to serve 12 pounds

1 Do. a Boy Gustavus 18 to serve 20 pounds

1 Do. Charles 20 to serve 20 pounds

recorded 1754


Overwharton Parish, Stafford County Register, 1724-1774, Library of Virginia accession no. 25593.

p.115 Lucy the Daughter of Dorothy a free Black born December 10, 1744.




Deeds, Wills, Etc. 2, 1671-1684

p.82, 26 June 1675, The deposition of Mary an Indian servant to Coll. Thomas Swann aged about 16 years the 21st of this instant being a milking she saw the said Nicholas throw 2 bricks stones a brick batt at her aforesaid Master.


p.141, 6 July 1677, Thomas sold to Richrd Pace one Enden woman called Ann aged about 25 years ... for her lifetime.


p.238, I Tho: Busby of Surry did sell unto Wm Duke of Martin Brandon one Indyan Girle about nine yeares of age as a slave for life ... 25 January 1678, recorded 9 November 1679.


Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1694-1709,

p.269, 2 March 1702/3 inventory of James Mason, Thervary(?) a very infirm Indian no value


p.367, 22 April 1707, inventory of Edward Green

1 Indian woman 15 pounds

2 children 30 pounds

1 Negro man 15 pounds


p.389, 18 November 1707, deposition of Tho. Waller ... about 3 years since Mr. William Chambers desired me to wright a bill of sale for an Indian slave named Ned sold by him to Mr. Richard Blighton.


p.415, inventory of Charles Gee, 5 July 1709

one Indian woman 3600 pounds tob.

One Indian woman 4400

one Indian girl 2400


441, 3 January 1709/10, examination of Ned an Indian slave belonging to William Dawes of North Carolina...suspicion of burgulary.


Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1709-1715,

20 March 1711/2 will of Francis Maybury, to wife Elizabeth one Indian man named Robin and one Indian boy Jack and a mulatto girl.

20 August 1712 inventory of Francis Maybury


two Indian Slaves and one Indian mulatto five years & half to serve


Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1715-1730,

p.13, inventory of estate of Elizabeth Maybury, 21 March 1715/6, One Indian boy named Jack, one Mallatto Girl ...


p.67, inventory of Nicholas Sessoms, 15 May 1717, One Negro man, do. woman & do. Boy, 1 Indian man slave.


p.137, will of William Chambers ... to my son William the labour of my negros or Indians Jack, Kate, Dol, little Jack, Amey, Judey and Sarah ... proved 16 July 1718

p.145-6, 20 August 1718, inventory of William Chambers ... Indian man named Jack, Negro woman Kate, do. named Doll, Negro Girl named Sue: 12 years old, do. named Moll 10 years old, do. named Amy, do. named Judy 5 years old, Negro boy named Jack 3 years old.


pp.156-7, inventory of Samuel Cornwell, At the plantation on Seacock Swamp: an old Indian slave 14 pounds


p.385-6, inventory of estate of Benjamin Chapman by order of 15 June 1720, To a Mellato boy named Arthur 4 years to serve 10 pounds


p.637, will of Bartholomew Andrews, I give unto my Negro Tom a Gun which he commonly uses and his fiddle & his bed & bed cloths whereon he usually lies and I do set my Negro man Tom free after the decease of my wife within the expiration of 8 days 18 November 1720, proved 18 May 1726.


p.744, inventory of Samuel Cornwell, 1 old Indian man named Tom 5 pounds.


p.843, inventory of estate of Nathaniel Harrison, Esq., 15 July 1728,

Negros &c at the home house:

Mulatto Dick, Tom Cyprus, Quick -3

Old Ratcliff, Pompey, Jemmy Brandon -3

Roger, Pemo, Indian Robin -3

Cato, Tom Austin, Old Daniel -3


Betty English, Field Sarah, Aggy -3


At Joseph's Quarter Swamp:

Adam, Cuffie, Franck Andrews -3

Cain, Tony, Robin Taylor -3


p.878, 23 January 1726, will of Nathaniel Green of Southwark Parish ... I give my Molatto boy Cit to my wife Faith to serve out the Time of his Indenture


p.893, 14 February 1728/9 inventory of Nathaniel Green, one Melotto boy free at twenty one years of age.


Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1730-1738,

p.13, 20 May 1730, Present Capt. Robert Hix for allowing his Indian Servant to Hunt with a gun on the Sabbath day.


Haun, Weynette Parks, Surry County, Virginia Court Records].

1652-1663, Book I

[33], I Henerye Randolph mrcht ... sell unto Richard Attkins of Chard in the Cou__ of Somersett mrcht. five cowes ... and alsoe one Indian Boy called Tom. To have and to hold the sd. Indian boy and the sd five Cowes and their increase. 17th May 1653. Record. 7 Jan. 1653/4.


[37], I Tho. Woodhouse for a valluable Consideration Jno Zynes have sould him an Indian boy. 22 March 1753. Recorded 5 May 1654.


[72], 30 December 1654, Indenture Sam. Hubye of Surry planter & an Indian Boy belonginge to the people or nation of Seacocks Called in the Indian language Highamaccounte, but by the English Robert ... serve him four yeares from the day ... recorded 6 September 1655.


[135], I kinge of the Waineoakes doe firmely bargaine and make sale unto Elith: Short her heires a boy of my nacon named Weetoppin ... until the full terme of his life in consideration ... a younge horse foale aged one yeare. 2 July 1659. Recorded July 1659.


1664-1671, Book II

[374], List of Tithables, June 1670, Southwarke Parish, Lt. Coll. Jordan upwards: Jack Negro 02.


1672-1682, Book III

[209], 2 July 1678, Certificate is granted Mr. Robert Caulfield for three hundred fivety Acres of Land due for the importation of ... Jacob an Indyan, James a Negro.


1682-1691, Book IV

[419], 6 November 1683, Franck an Indyan Girle Servt. to Mr. Benja. Harrison is adjudged tenn yeares old.

[450], 2 September 1684, Harry an Indyan servt. to James Cane is adjudged three yrs. old.

[489], 1 September 1685, Geo. and Indyan srvt. to Edward Greene is adjudged five yrs. old.

[693], 5 January 1688/9, John the Indyan not appeareing to prosecute his accon agt. Mr. Jno. King is nonsuited. It is therefore ordrd. that he pay ye. sd. King fifty pds. of tobacco damage.

[701], Tom an Indyan servant to John Barnes is adjudged six yrs. old.

[756], Toby a Negro boy Servant to Jno. Browne is adjudged six yeares old.

Jack an Indyan Servant to Wm. Chambers is adjudged Eight yeares old.


1691-1700, Book V

[86], Certificate dated June the 26th 1693 that Capt. Fra. Clements did take up a Runaway Indian Woman called Doll Servant to Mr. Peter Goodrich of James Citty County.

[170], November 1696, Harry an Indian Servt. To Wm. Chambers is adjudged seven yeare old.

Ned an Indian Servt. to Wm. Chambers is adjudged four yeare old.

[255-6], March 1699/1700, Jamey an Indian Slave belonging to the estate of Capt. Thomas Bage ... on suspicon of ... the wilfull murder of the said Thomas ... pleaded Guilty ... hanged.


1700-1711, Book VI

[44], March 1703, Thomas Drew unwittingly omitted to list an Indian slave belonging to him called Peter in the last yeares list of tithables.

[93], July 1707, Jack an Indian slave to Francis Maberry adjudged nine yeares old.

[104], May 1708-July 1708, Jack an Indian slave to Richard Parker adjudged fourteen yeares old.

[107], November 1708, Sarah an Indian Slave to Jno. Pythres be added to the List of Tythables this present year.

[115], March 1708-May 1709, Jean an Indian Slave belonging to William Cook adjudged nine years old.

[124], November 1709, We present to the Court Mr. William Thomases Malattoe named Mary for bringing a bastard Child: Whereupon it is ordered that the Sheriff summons Mary a Malattoe of William Thomas'es to appear at the next Court.

[134], May 1710 Upon reading an Order of Councill directing the executing of Salvadore an Indian belonging to Mr. Joseph John Jackman, It is ordered that the said Indian be executed.

[143], September 1710, Ned an Indian a Runaway Slave belonging to William Dawes of North Carolina.

Moll a malatto a Runaway belonging to William Goodman of Ile of Weight.

[150], February 1710/11, Judith an Indian Slave belonging to Willm. Short is adjudged eight years old.

[159], May 1711, Santee an Indian Slave belonging to Majr. Nathl. Harrison adjudged eight years old.

Brandy an Indian Slave belonging to Majr. Nathl. Harrison adjudged seven years old.

[172], November 1711, Jeffry an Indian Slave belonging to Charles Briggs adjudged fourteen years old.

[183], An Indian Slave named Pompey belonging to Hinshea Guillum adjudged fourteen years old.


1712-1718, Book VII

[80], 17 March 1714, Jenny an Indian Girl belonging to Willm. Wyche adjudged Eight years Old.



[160], Robin a Negro Man now in possession of Thomas Cocke, Gent., petitioning for Leave to Sue for his freedom.


[308], Robin (an Indian) Plt. against Thomas Cocke Gent. Deft: In Trespass Assault Battery & false Imprisonment ... We find that James Jones late of Prince George County in the Year of Our Lord 1693 was in Possession of an Indian Girl named Sarah as a Slave and that we find the said Girl in the year aforesd. was Four Years Old. We find that the Parents and Native Country of the sd. Girl were Heathens and Idolators. We find that the aforesd. Girl did live and die in the Service of the aforesd. James Jones as a Slave. We find That the Plt. Robin is the Issue of the aforesd. Indian Sarah.

[338], Robin an Indian Plt. against Thomas Cocke Gent. Deft: ... Plt. take nothing by his Bill.


[330], Mald an Indian Woman now in the Possession of George Wych of this County, on her Petition is allowed to Sue for her Freedom in Forma Pauperis and John Scott, Gent., is Assigned her Counsel.


Surry County Tithables, 1677-1703

(Indians represented about 4% of the slave population during this period)

Magazine of Virginia Genealogy,

Volume 22, no. 4


p.56, Samll Swan, Tho: Wms, Arth: Davis, David Beard, Wm Carpinder, an Indyan woman - 6


Southwarke Parish

p.59, Mr. Tho: Busby, Humphrey Felpes, Henry an Indyan, Tho: Kite, Bartho: Figers, Joseph a Servt. - 6



Sunken Marsh

p.60, Mr. Tho: Busby, Jos: Beale, Tho: Kite, Corne: Hall & an Indyan - 5

p.62, Wm. Reade, Alex: Spenser & Mathias an Indyan -3



p.64, Mr. Tho: Busby, Jno. Wilkinson, Wm. Charleton, Joseph Beale, Henry an Indyan - 5





Volume 23, no. 1


Upper Sunken Marsh

p.39, Mr. Jno. King, Edwd. Booky & Jno. an Indyan - 3



Lawnes Creek Parish

p.43, Mrs. Elizabeth Holt for Tho: Macklenthin, Rich: Shaw, Bess an Indyan - 3


upper Sunken Marsh

p.46, Mr. Tho: Busby, Peter Gibson, Con & Ann two Indyans - 4

Mr. Jno: King, Clemt Brevitt, Jno: Indyan - 3



upper Sunken Marsh

p.47, Mr. Jno. King, Jno. Indyan - 2

Mr. Tho: Busby, Tho: Hopkins, Jno. Barton, & Con and Indyan Boy- 4


Volume 23, no. 2


above Sunken Marsh

p.59, Mr. Jno. King & Jno. Indyan - 2

p.60, Mr. Tho: Busby, Wm. Harrison, Wm. Temple, Joseph, a Negro wo:, an Indyan Con - 6



upper Sunken Marsh

p.62, Mr. Jno. King and James Case - 2

p.63, Mr. Tho: Busby, Jeffrey Busby, Nath: Halles[?], Con an Indian, and Jone a negro - 5

Benja: Harrison, Richd. Tayler, Samll. Alsobrook, Richd Bullock, 16 Negroes & an Indian Garl - 21



Sunken Marsh upwards

p.66, Tho: Tyas, Ed: Scarbrough, Wm. Scarbrough, Jno. Indian - 4

Mr. Tho: & Jeffrey Busby, Nath Hales, Con an Indian, Jone a negroe wo. - 5


Volume 23, no. 3


Sunken marsh upwards

p.54, Mr. Tho: & Jeffrey Busby, Con an Indian, one Negro wo: - 4

Benja: Harrison, Charles Merritt, Jno: Rivers, Silas Smith, Tho: Haynes, Richd: Bullock, Jno: Morgan, 14 Negroes, one Indian - 22



p.59, Mr: Tho: Busby, Nat: Hales [Halet?], Jno: Knight, Con an Indian & Jone a Negro - 5

Benja: Harrison, Silas Smith, Jno. Morgan, Charles Meriott, Tho: Wilson, 1 Indyan Wo:, 14 Negroes - 20


Lower precincts of Lawnes Creek Parish

p.62, Mr. Rob: Caufield, Geo: Long, Tho: Busby, an Indian, & Sam, Dick, Caser, Cherinoe, Harry, Mary, and 2 new Negroe men - 11



p.64, Benja: Harrison Senr., Ben: Harrison junr:, Tho: Haynes, Silas Smith, Charles Merritt, Jno: Morgan, fifteene Negroes, one Indian - 22

Mr. Tho: Busby, Jeffrey Busby, Ed Tayler, Con an Indian - 4

p. 67, Mr. Caufield's qrter at Sunken Marsh: Dick, John negroes, Tom Indian - 3



Lawnes Creek Parish

p.61, at Mr. Caufields, Phillipp Gibbs, Tom English, Tom Indian, Sam, Harry, Cherino & Mary Negroes - 7


upper Sunken Marsh

Tho: & Jeffrey Busby, George Peters, Con Indian - 4

Jno. Good, Humfrey Osburn, Herkolus an Indian, a negro man[?] - 4

Benja. & Benja. Harrison jr., Silas Smith, Tho: Haynes, an Indian wo:, 15 negroes - 20



Lawnes Creek Parish

p.65, Mrs. Eliza. Caufield for Edwd. Bloxum, Sam: Mary, Betty, John English, Jerino, Dick, Tom Indian - 8


upper Sunken Marsh

p.67, Tho: & Jeffrey Busby, Jos: Kimball, Con Indian - 4

Benj: Harrison, Silas Smith, Tho: Haines, fourteen Negroes and 1 Indian - 18

p.68, Mr. Wm: Edwards, Saml. Smith, Jno. Kiquotan, Tom Indian, Scipio, Betty, Dick, Mingo, Robin, Jone, Phillice, Eliza. & Betty Negroes - 13



Upper Sunken Marsh

p.70, Mr. John Good, Indian Hercules, & Maria a Negro Woman - 3

Benja. Harrison, Silas Smith, Nath: Harrisons, Tho: Haynes, Robt Cartright, 13 Negroes, one Indian - 19

Mr. Tho: & Jeffry Busby - 2

Mr. Wm: Edwards, Sam: Smith, Sam: Read, Tom Indian, Scipio, Bety, Dick, Mingo, Robin, Phillice, Joan, Elizabeth, Betty Negroes - 13



Volume 24, no. 1

upper Sunken Marsh

Mr. Jno. Good & Wm Truville and Herkilus & a Negroe wo. - 4

Benja. & Nath: Harrison, Silas Smith, Tho: Haynes, thirteene Negroes & one Indian - 20


middle precinct of Southwarke Parish

p.69, Tho: Bage, Wm Ellfock, Wm: Rogers, James an Indian - 4

Mr. Wm. Edwards for Sipio, Dick, Mingo, Robin, Bety, Jone, filis, bess, negroes, Tho: Indian - 9

Lawnes Creek Parish

p.70, Mrs. Eliza. Caufield, Nichol: Smith, Tho: Thorne, Sam, Mar, Tho: Indian, Tho: English, Betey, Cherino, dick negroes - 9

p.71, Richd: Britton, Jack Indian - 2

Wm. Chambers, Wm: Price - 2



p.72, Mr. Jno. Good, Herkelus an Indian & 1 negro - 3

Benja. & Nath: Harrison, Tho: Haynes, Robt. Cartright, one Indian & 14 negros - 19


middle precinct of Southwarke Parish

p.73, Tho: Bage, Wm Elfeck, Wm: Rogers, James an Indian - 4

Lawnes Creek

p. 75, Wm: Chambers & Jack - 2

p.76, Mrs. Caufield p Tho: Partridge, Jno. Drake & Thos. Thorne, Sam, Mary, Tom Indian, Jack, Cherino, Tom English, Betty, Dick negros - 11



Lawnes Creek Parish

p.77, Wm Chambers, Tho: Bowman and Jack Indian - 3


Middle precinct of Southwarke Parish

p. 80, Tho: Bage, Wm Elfeck, Wm. Rogers, James an Indian - 4


upper precinct of Southwarke Parish

p.80, Mr. Benja. Harrison & Tho: Haynes & twelve negroes & one Indian woman - 15

p.81, Mr. Jno. Good & Hercolus, one negro woman - 3


Volume 24, no.2


p.72, Lawnes Creek Parish,

William Chambers & Jack Indian

p.73, Lower Precinct of Lawnes Creeke Parish,

To Madm. Caufield, Tom Indian & Robin, Jack, Dick, Tom English, Mary, Betty, Robert Wildman & Thomas



Southwarke Parish

p.74, William Edmunds & an Indian named Venter - 2

p.75, Edward Green, 1 Indian man named George, 1 Indian woman called Jone - 3

middle precinct of Southwarke Parish

p.75, Tho: Bage, Jno. Patridge & Jemmy an Indian - 3

lower precinct of Lawnes Creek Parish

p.79, To Madm. Elizabeth Caufield, Robt. Wildman, Tom Indian, Robin, Tom English, Dick and Jack.



upper part of Lawnes Creek Parish

p.80, Mr. Joseph Jackman, Mr. Hugh Lash, Alphonso Marsh, John Woodrifte, Robt. Wildman, Tom Indian, Tom English a malatta, Robin, Mary, Betty, neg., Mr. Timothy Walker, London, Cherino, Dick, Cesar, neg., George Long, Geo: Davenport, Jack a neg:, Dick a neg: pocatrick - 19

Mr. Chambers, Jack an Indian - 2


upper precinct of Southwarke Parish

p.82, Wm: Edmunds & Ventur an Indian

Edward Greene, Richd. Moore, George & Joane Indians - 4


Volume 24, no. 3


upper precincts of Surry County above the Stony run

p.67, Edward Green, Richd Moore, George and Isaac Indians, in all- 4

p.68, Wm. Edmunds & Venter an Indian - 2


Middle precinct and lower precinct of Southwarke Parish

p.69, Mr. James Mason, Jack Mulatto, James Indiana, Tony, Dick, negr - 4

Lawnes Creek Parish

p.70, Mr. Tho. Drew, Tho: Drew jr., George Riddick, Robt. Case, Mulatto Tom, Indian peter, Tony & Isbell negr - 8

Wm. Chambers, Jack an Indian - 1

p.72, Mr. Jackman, Mr. Timo. Walker, Wm. Everidge, Geo: Davenport, Alphonso March, Jno. Woodriffe, Robt. Wilde, Tom. English, Tom Indian, London, Cherino, Dick, Cesar, Jack, Dick, Robin, Marry, Betty negr. - 18



Southwarke Parish

p.73, To. Mrs. Eliz: Mason ye Younger, Wm. Honycutt, Jack Mallatto, James an Indian, Richd., Tony & Kate Negroes - 6

p.74, Edward Gost an Indian - 1

Wm. Edmond & Venter an Indian - 2

Edward Greene, Jno. Nicholls, Tho: Aven, Richd. More, George & Joane Indians - 6



upper precinct of Southwarke Parish

p.78, William Edmonds and Venter an Indian - 2

p.79, Edward Green, Richd. More, George and Joan Indians - 4

lower precinct of Southwarke Parish

p.80, Mr. Ethelred Taylor, Jack a Malatto, Toney and Kate Negr., James an Indian - 4


Lawnes Creek Parish

p.82, Wm. Chambers, Martin Aspoll and Jack indian - 3

p.83, Mr. Jos: Jno. Jackman, Timoth, Walker, Tho: Hudson, Jer: Cobb, Wm. Ronson, Edwd. Long, Jno. Woodrift, Robin, Tom, Cherino, Dick, Jack, Dick, London, Mary, Betty and Nan Negrs, Salvidore, Tom, Francisco Indns. - 21

Mr. Benjamin Chapman, Amb. Griffin, Lewis and Laurance Indians, Tom, Quanimia, Judeth, Patt and Marrea Negroes - 9



Orders 1761-4, p.42, 19 November 1761, ordered the Church wardens bind Bob a natural born child of an Indian woman named Winney who served Richard Huson.

Orders 1770-6, p.24, 21 March 1771, Church Wardens of Albemarle Parish bind out Sall a Mulatto according to law.



9 November 1714, John Harwood for taking up Jack an Indian boy belonging to Mr. James Brittall of Elizabeth City County.


Minutes 1748-62,

p.30 (transcript), p.43 (original), 6 July 1749, Malicai a Mulatto Boy son of Betty bound by the churchwardens of this parish to Thomas Hobday to learn the art of Planter.



Orders 1675-89,

p.677, 26 September 1688, Stanley Gower vs. an Indian George. This Indian servant haveing run away from the complaintant severall moneths and taken with him severall goods ... serve his master after all former contracts performed four yeares, with which judgment George doth freely comply.


p. 503, 26 May 1686, Richard Tidwell brought into Court James, an Indian, to bee adjudged. The Court adjudge him a tithable.


Orders 1690-8,

p. 89, 22 February 1692/3, ... Madame Frances Spencer fraudulently ... did conceal twelve tythable persons ... Pegg an Indian woman.


p. 125a, 29 February 1693/4, Israel Kirkhoof vs. Mulatto Tom. Dismist.


Orders 1698-1705,

p. 30a, Thomas Steel of New England, merchant, affirmed that John Higgins brought and purchased from him an Indian man named Robin, which Indian man Steel brought from Jamaica into the Colony.

102, 29 January 1700/1, James Loggin, an "Indian mulatto," bound to Henry Wharton until the age of twenty-one by the Westmoreland County court on 29 January 1700/1.


Orders 1705-21,

p.44, 30 January 1706/7, George West an Indian bastard boy Servant to Mr. Wm Graham is adjudged thirteen years And Ordered to serve his said master according to Law.


p.58, 28 May 1707, Margrett a Servt. to Calleb Butler of Washington Parish for fornication & haveing a Mulatto bastard


p.59a, 25 June 1707, Ordered Mr. Danll Neale bee summoned to bee appear at the next Court held for the County aforesaid to answer the suit of William an East India Indian servant to the sd Neale relateing to his freedom


p.83, 30 March 1708, Will an East India Indian late a supposed slave to Mr. Danll Neale by his Peticon to this Court setting forth that some tyme in yeare 1689 being fraudulently trappand out of his Native Country in the East Indies and thence transported to England and soon after brought into this Country and sold as a slave to Mr. Christopher Neale deceased father of his sd present Master And that hee had ever since faithfully served the sd Christopher and Daniel Notwithstanding which the sd Daniel though often demanded denied him his freedome And the sd Daniel being summoned to answer the sd complaint appeared and both parties Submitted the whole matter of the complaint to the Court All which being maturely & fully heard It is considered by the Court that the sd Will ought not to have been sold as a slave and that he is a freeman And doe therefore discharge him from all service due to the sd Christopher or Danll Neale.


p.120, 27 April 1709, Robert Bennett produced an accot. against an Indian Servant of his called Billey whoe had run away from his sd Master's service the tyme & space of two hundred twenty two dayes and that he the said Bennett had Expended the sume of two thousand and one hundred five pounds of Tobacco in takeing upp and bringing home his said Servant for which tyme expence and charge he prayed order against the said Indian Billey for Satisfaction of the same for his Service according to Law. It is therefore considered and accordingly ordered that the afroesd Indian Billey Doe serve his said Master Robert Bennett Double the tyme of absence aforesaid which amounts to four hundred forty five days.


And after the Rate of one whole year for Every Eight hundred pounds of Tobacco Expended in takeing upp & according to Law in this Case made & provided which amounts to two yeares Seven callendar months and sixteen days over & above the servitude for his absent tyme as aforesaid All which Said service is to be done and performed after all other service due by Indenture, Custom, or former order of Court.


25 March 1713

p.205, Billy an Indian Servant to Mr. Robert Bennett Preferred here in Court his Petition against the said Bennett thereby setting forth he had fully serv'd his full time and pray'd he might be discharg'd from future servitude upon heareing whereof and after some arguements on the same The said Robert Bennett agreed & Condescended that provided the sd Indian Billy would serve him the term & tyme of Eleven months next Ensueing the date hereof honestly, faithfully & truely That at the Expiration thereof he would sett free & discharge him from all manner of service to which proposall and Condition the said Indian Billy Consented agreed and promised to perform. Whereupon the Petition aforesaid is ordered to be Dismist.


Orders 1721-31,

p. 338, 27 August 1730, Mary a Mulato servant to William Monroe of Washington parish being presented by the grand jury at May Court last for having a bastard child on or about the 20th of February last past which being now Calld and the Court taking the Same under Consideration they are of opinion that Malato women are Not within the penalty of the Law Against Bastardy they being by the Law of the Country prohibited marriage with white men, And therefore It is ordered that the presentment be Dismist.


Deeds & Wills 1691-1699


pp. 59a-70, inventory of Major Thomas Youell, Parish of Cople

Two Negro Men at 12000 pounds tob.

2 Irish women servants the one 6 years to serve the other 2 years & better - 3500 pounds

2 Mulattoe children one 2 years old the other 4 months 1200 pounds tob.

recorded 25 March 1696


p.127a, 2 December 1697, Jeremiah Jadwin of Youcomoco to God daughter Anne Payne, the daughter of William Paine of Youcomoco neck, my Mulatto Girl called Moll, for and during the Term and Time of twenty years next after my decease, and then at the Expiration of the said Twenty years the said Mulatto Moll shall be clearly and absolutely free...To my Mulatto man Roaco by his wife and child be absolutely and clearly set free Immediately after my decease. I will that my Mulatto Tom be set free and clear at the age of 31 years. proved 23 February 1697/8.


p.149, order of court 23 February 1697/8 to divide the estate of Captain John Washington, decd.

One Negro Boy, one ditto woman 10000 pounds tob.

... one Mulato Girl troubled with fits & 2 boys 10000

One Negro girl at 5000 pounds, 6 Mulatto children all of one woman the eldest about 8 years old at 11000


p. 185a, Henry Wickleff of Washington Parish ... Mrs. Anne Washington doe lay out what Tobacco and Money she hath of me in her hands to purchase two young negroes it being 8000 and odd pounds of Tobacco and ten pounds odd money sterling as will appear by the book of Capt. John Washington, decd., the said negroes to be for her the said Anne Washington & her heirs forever, provided she shall set two Mulatto boys named Hughgo & Jemmey (sons to her negro woman named Black Betty) free when they shall arrive to the age of 21 years. I give to the said Negro woman and which of her children shall live with her my Bed and Furniture ... to Hughgo & Jemmy each of them one young mare. goods sold for Tobacco and put in hands of Mrs. Ann Washington for the good of Black Betty & her children Frank, Nelly, Peggy, Betty, Molly & Racell. Mrs. Anne Washington to put the young Jemmy to school till he can read English then Baptized & taught the Christian faith. Anne Washington exec. 23 February 1698/9. proved 30 August 1699.


Deeds & Wills 1701-6,

pp.250-2, Alexander Spence will, 2 May 1704, proved 30 August 1704, to son Patrick Spence 9 negroes ... Molatto Tom.

p.304 Alexander Spence inventory 1 Mulatto slave Tom 40 pounds


Deeds & Wills, 1712-1716

p.117, 10 September 1712, Whereas Patrick Spence late of the county of Westmoreland did by his last will & testament declare that his man slave commonly called Mulatto Tom immediately after his decease should be free and whereas there hath some difference arisen between Richard Neale and Matthew Mason and I, George Eskridge, concerning the said decd. Estate which was left to the final determination of Robert Carter, Esq., who declared Mulatto Tom free, have discharged Thomas Chiverill being the same person as Mulatto Tom. 10 September 1712.


Estate Settlements, Records, Inventories 1723-1746

p.13, Inventory of Willoughby Allerton taken 24 April 1724,

Will a Malato abt. 8 yrs. to serve 18 pounds


p.32, inventory of Mr. John Pratt of the county of King George, dec., taken 15 June 1724: Kingsale age 23 to be free at 45 - 25 pounds

Joanna to serve 9 years 10 pounds


p.87. 28 August 1729, inventory of Maj. Benja. Berryman

1 Mallatoe boy to be free 10 pounds


p.99, May Court 1730, Grand Jury presents Mary a Mulato Servt. woman belonging to Wm Monroe of the Parish of Washington for having a bastard child 20th February last.


p.111, inventory of Collo. Henry Ashton, dec., taken 7 December 1731

At the home House

To 1 Molato boy nam'd Will 4 years to serve 5 pounds

To 1 Molato boy named Alecksandria 9 years old 10 pds

To 1 Ditto Girle named Poll 11 years 10 pounds

7 Young Negroes @18 pounds each


p.192, inventory of Thomas Middleton, 28 February 1737

To one Negro man named Edward Mozingo 25 pounds


Inventories & Settlements of Estates No.4, 1756-1767

pp.47-53 13 July 1757 Inventory of James Steptoe

p.50, Phil a Mullatto boy free at 31 years of age - 20 pounds


p.180, Inventory of Augustine Washington recorded 20 November 1762,

Mol a Woman age unknown free at 31 years old - ___ (probably Mary Bowden)

Pat free at 31 years old - 25 pounds (probably Martha Bowden)

Nan a Mulatto free at 31 years old and Title Disputable - __



Deeds, Wills, Orders 1, 1633-1657,

p. 337, will of Nicholas Martian ... Two Negroes Phil & Nicholas shall be free each of them delivered by my executors one cow & 3 barrels of Corne, cloaths 7 alsoe nayles to build a house ... land sufficient for themselves to plant ... field where William Leigh ... land for their lives 1 March 1656/7, proved 24 April 1657.


Deeds, Wills, Orders 2, 1638-1648,

p.131, estate of Col. Moore, 26 June 1646, By two Indians sold to Wm. Berkley 0600 pds tobacco

By two Indians sold to John Harmon 0500 pds tobacco

By one Indian sold Capt. Thomas Pettus 0600


p.200, Robert Jackson ... cause to be pd. Edward Adcock planter 1,200 pds tobacco 10 November next on Queen's Creek in York Parish ... as security bind one Indian mayd servant by name Mall & 3 cows. last day November 1646.

p.329, 25 January 1647/8, Court doth order that Fortune a Girle brought from the Indians and kept by Capt. Wm. Taylor shall serve the sd Capt. William Taylor till she comes to the age of eighteen yeares.


p.373, Inventory of Thomas Deacon, parish of Yorke, one Indian Girles 1200 pounds tobacco, one other Indian Girles 600 pds tobacco, appraised 2 August 1647.

Inventory of Henry Pantry 10 June 1648, One Indian Girle 500 pounds tob.


Deeds, Orders, Wills 3, 1657-1662

p.34 inventory of estate of the children of Thomas Rea, dec., viz.

An Indyan woman for Thomas when he comes to age 9 September 1658.


Deeds, Wills, Orders 4, 1664-1672

p.70, 25 June 1666, Will an Indian Boy Servt. to Coll. Nathaniel Bacon, Esq., is adjudged to be eight years old & ordered to serve according to act.

p.114, 23 October 1666, will of William Calvert of Parish of new Poquoson ... two Negro children, one Indian boy called Ben.


Deeds, Wills, Orders 5, 1671-1694

p.27, 24 October 1672, An Indian boy called Jacke, servant to Mr. John page is by the court adjudged seven years of age & ordered to serve according to Act.


p.116, 24 June 1675, Dicke an Indyan boy servt. to William Backhouse is by the Court adjudged six years of age ordered to serve according to Act.


Deeds, Wills, Orders 6, 1675-84

p.162, 9 December 1679, Tho. ye Indian at Jenkins paid for 1 wolf. William Jenkins for 5 wolves.

p.175, inventory of estate 13 November 1678: one Indian Boy named Sanson ... 20 pounds.

p.399, 8 May 1682, Toby an Indian srvt. to Mr. Isaack Goddin adjudged 10 years old, serve according to Act.


p.438, 29 December 1682, Indian Jack srvt. to Mr. Joseph Ring adjudged 10 years of age.

Indian Betty ditto 9 years of age.

p.512, 24 August 1683, Jack an Indian servt. to Mr. Edwd. Malin is adjudged 12 years of age.

p.529, 24 October 1683, The deposition of Sarah the Molatto saith that the night that Charles Compton was att Ralph Flowers house staying some what late his wife commanded me to goe with her thither and for feare of being beaten I went with her ...


Deeds, Wills, Orders 7, 1684-87,

p.134, 25 January 1685/6, Whereas it appears by the will of Captain Philip Chesley 18 December 1674 from the date thereof his Negroe Joseph should serve 11 years & no longer executor Peter Perry ... set the said Negro free.

p.193, 24 June 1686, One Dick an Indian slave to David Condon adjudged to be 5 years of age.


Deeds, Wills, Orders 8, 1687-91,

p.239, 28 September 1687, Daniell Parke of York County, Gent., considering the faithful service of one of my Negroes, Virginia Will, the son of a Negroe woman of my father's called old Mary, doe after my death give him his freedome and fifteen bushells of clean shilled corne and fifty pounds dryed beife annually as long as hee shall live.


p.261, 24 May 1689, Edward Thomas of York County unto the Honorable Nathaniell Bacon, Esqr. In satisfaction of 66.1.10 pounds sterling ... one English man servant ... one woman servant named Elizabeth Corne ... and one Indian boy commonly called Dick ...


Deeds, Wills, Orders 9, 1691-4,

p.116-8, Will of Nathaniel Bacon, Esq., 15 March 1691/2, ... to molotto Kate her freedome at my decease, itt being formerly promised by my deceased wife ... proved 24 March 1691/2.


pp. 283-5, Inventory of Mr. John Keene (of Bruton Parish). 24 October 1693 ... one Negro gerle of tenn years old to serve till shee is 24 years.


p.318, 26 March 1694, Upon tryall of the difference between Sarah, a molotto servant to Mr. Thomas Harwood and her said master for her freedom, being the daughter of an English woman and alledging herself to have now served to the age of twenty one years.


Deeds, Wills, Orders 11, 1697-1702

p.462, 24 May 1701, Negro Tom late Negro to Mr. Richard Trotter deced. arresting Richard Dixen executor of Mrs. Ann Trotter, deced. to this Court in an action upon ye case for ye sum of fifteen pounds sterling due to ye pltf. as a Legacy given him by ye last will and testament of ye said Richard Trotter. deft. failing to appear ... next court.


p. 479, 24 July 1701, Negro Tom ... hath judgment granted agst Richard Dixon ... said Dixen ordered to pay.


p.506-11, Inventory of estate of James Whaley, deced., a mulato boy named Samll. no slave 8/-/-. recorded October Court 1701.


Deeds, Wills, Orders 12,

p.151, will of Thomas Pate ... I give unto my Negroe Man Called Tony his Freedom I having Severall times Promist it him for his True & Faithful service & I do hereby will & declare that he shall be free from all manner of Slavery that shall be damanded of him from any person or persons whatsoever & immediately after my Decease he be at Liberty to depart ye Country ... 7 April 1703, proved 25 October 1703.

p.163, Whereas Thomas Pate late of ye Parish and county of York planter by his last will did appoint me Rowland Pierson ... gave his Negro man called Tony his freedom ... have given granted ye sd Tony his freedom 19 January 1703/4, proved 24 January 1703/4.

p.169, 24 December 1703, Negroe Tony late slave of Thomas Pate petition to last court ... Rowland Pierson unjustly detained him ... next court.

p.174, 24 January 1703/4, Negroe Tony Late Slave of Thomas Pate ... his discharge from Rowland Pierson acknowledged.

p.184, 24 February 1703/4, Mallatto Moll being Summoned to this Court by John Moss Churchwarden of York Parish for fornication and not further prosecuted is dismissed.


Orders, Wills, etc. 13, 1706-1710

p.53, 4 March 1706/7, Estate of Wm Aylward ... one Indian woman


p.227, 24 June 1709, Ben an Indian Boy belonging to Charles Barret adjudged 6 years old.


Orders, Wills, Etc. 14, 1709-16,

p.37, 5 October 1710, Jonathan Larkaway for taking up a runaway Indian boy belonging to Richard Wharton.

Charles Cox for taking up a runaway Indian boy belonging to Richard Wharton.

Samuel Cobbs for taking up a runaway negro belonging to Richard Wharton.


pp. 38-9, three Indians brought to court to have their ages adjudged ... an Indian woman belonging to Richard Wharton.

pp.114-5, Thomas Ballard for taking up runaway Indian woman of Richard Wharton ... 13 runaway "Negro" servants.


Orders, Wills, Etc. no 14, 1709-1716

p.288, 16 November 1713, Joseph Walker, Gent., in open Court acknowledged his release & acquittance to Moll an East India Indian.


p.291, whereas an East India Indian woman named Moll (imported into this Colony by Joseph Walker, Gent., ye year 1700 & by him sold to Jno. Tullett, being desirous of freedom ... acquit Moll from being a Slave. J. Walker


p.404 At a Court for Proof of Publick Claims, 26 July 1715 ... taking up a runaway negro ... Nathaniel Crawley for taking up a runaway Indian man named Cupid belonging to capt. Whitehead of King William County ... taking up runaway servant boy ... servant woman ...


p.501, 21 May 1716, Scipio an Indian boy belonging to Joseph Frith adjudged 11 years of age.


p.46, 6 November 1706 estate of Richard Dixon ... an Indian man named Charles ... 23 pounds.


Orders, Wills, Etc. 15, 1716-20

p.82, 18 February 1716/7, Petition of Eliza Ives for service from her East Indian woman servt. for the trouble of her house in the time of her lying in is rejected.


p.421, inventory of the estate of Mr. James Burwell (in York County), 10 March 1718/9 ... Billy a Mulatto boy to serve till thirty two years of age now fifteen.


p.519, 21 December 1719, On the petition of Bartho. Valentine in behalf of Toby a Negroe man sett free by the last will & Testament of Mary Babb, decd., It is ordered that a certificate of his freedom issue accordingly ... The petition of Bartho. Valentine agst. Jane Morley, executrix of Mary Babb, deced., is rejected.


Orders, Wills, Etc., no. 16, 1720-1729

p.244, will of Joseph Walker ... if my Mulatto woman Mary shall at ny time pay down thirty five pounds current money she shall have her freedom, 9 November 1723, proved 16 December 1723.


p.568, will of John Davis ... my Negro Woman Betty be free after my wife's ____ and do give said Negro her three children to help to Maintain ___ long as she lives. I also give my said Negro woman my ___tation whereon I now live after my wife's decease ... 3 cows, calves choice of my featherbed and furniture, pewter dishes ___ the three Negro children after their mother's decease ___ her be equally divided among them ... loving wife Ann. John x Davis 9 July 1728, proved 17 February 1728/9.


Wills & Inventories No. 20, 1745-1759

p. 277, Inventory of Mark Cosby returned 20 November 1752, a Mulatto Boy called Lewis 11 years to serve - 11 pounds

.p.375, Estate of Mark Cosby returned 17 November 1755, Samuel Dyer for a Mulato Boy Lewis 25 pds. by do for hire before he bought him - 2 pds.


Judgments & Orders 1746-52,

p. 287, 15 January 1749/50, Ordered the Church Wardens of Charles Parish bind out Hannah a free Negro child according to Law.


Judgments & Orders 1759-63,

p.505, 1763, slave Cuffy did conspire with one Isaac a free Negro to murder Walter Lenox of Bruton Parish ... poison with arsenic ... Cuffy ... hanged.


Judgments & Orders 1763-5,

18 July 1763, Isaac a Free Negro committed to the Goal for want of security ... complaint of Walter Lenox ... for reasons appearing to the Court is discharged from his imprisonment.


Orders 1765-1768,

p.161, 206, 17 November 1766, Presentments: Jemima a Mulatto for for not listing herself and Daughter (as tithables).


Orders 1784-1787

p.143, 22 March 1785, Petition of John Crack setting forth that he is a Native of Bengal, descended of free parents, and now held in slavery by Dominique Sans of the town and county of York, imported on 5 October 1778 and considers himself entitled to all the advantages and ammenities of a free citizen. Ordered leave be given to sue in forma pauperis. Joseph Prentis, Gent., assigned Counsel ... seems to the Court that said John Crack is a slave the property of the said Dominique Sans. Petition be dismissed.


Colonel John Custis freed his "Negro boy Christoforo John otherwise called Jack, born of the body of my slave Alice" [Executive Journal V:?]. He died without heirs in York County before 18 May 1752 [Judgments & Orders 1746-52, 63, 169; 1752-4, 26-7].


Captain John, "a negroe Man, born a Slave," was freed by Governor William Gooch in 1749 [Executive Journal V:298].


James, a negro boy, freed by the Council on the petition of his owner Rebecca Banton who received him by will on the condition that she obtain his freedom at the age of twenty-four [Executive Journal, V:139].


Bruton Parish Church, James City County:

p.5, John, free Negro son of Barbary was Baptized Novr. the 3d 1745.

p. 115, 12 August 1738, burial of ____ny a East Indian belonging to Honble William Gooch, Esq.


McIlwaine, Executive Journals of the Council, II:351-2, 3 March 1703/4, Coll. Robert Daniel Deputy Governor of the Province of North Carolina by his Letter to his Excellency dated November 2d 1703 informing his Excellency of some pernicious practices of two free Negro Men in this Government that trade with the Indians to the Southland and particularly their stirring up the Indians called the Windaws to cutt of and carry away diverse of the Indians called Wawees living in the Government of South Carolina. His Excellency desires the advice of the Council therein whereupon they are of Opinion that it be recommended to the Honorable Coll. Wm Byrd and Coll. Benja. Harrison to make strict enquiry into the behavior & Practices of the said two Negro men, in their trading amongst the Indians and more especially concerning what is now laid to their charge and they prepare a report thereof to be laid before the next Session of Assembly that care may be taken for restraining such evil Practices for the future.


p.364, May 3 1704, Tom Perry a Chickhaminy Indian came before his Excellency and Council and complained that Coscotunk & James Mush two Indians of the sd Nation had on last Munday was sevennight come to the Chicahominy Town & burnt the Complt's Cabbin, with all his Corn & goods & spake diverse words agst his Excellency & Government &c.

Whereupon the following Warrant was (according to order) prepared, read and signed by his Excellency in Council.

By his Excellency

Whereas Complaint is made to me by Tom Perry a Chickahominy Indian that two Indians of the said Nation, the one named James Mush & the other Coscohunk did on Munday the 24th April last in a hostile manner besett the Cabbin of the said Perry (he being then from home) and there forcibly cutt down ye Apple and Peach trees, splitt the Canoe, and uttered diverse words in derogation of this their Majesty's Government.

These are therefore in Her Majesty's Name to authorize, require & command you Major John Waller to take with you what Force you judge convenient either of English or Indians, and with the greatest Secrecy & expedition you can, either within or without your County, to pursue, seize and apprehend either within or without your County the said two Indians named James Mush & Coscahunk which reside at Mr. Byrd's quarter at a place called the English Fort, and them or either of them having found safely to secure and send under a sufficient guard to Williamsburgh in order to be proceeded against as their Crime deserves. 3 May 1704, To Major John Waller of King William County


p.367, 9 May 1704, two Chicahominy Indians named James Mush and Coscohunk examined and confest that they had burnt the Cabbin, split the Canoe and cutt down the Apple and Peach trees belonging to Tom Perry an Indian of the said Nation, but denyed that they ever spoke any words tending to the derogation of this her Majesty's Government and that they would go to the Senaquas as is alleged against them.


May 10, 1704, the house are of the opinion that as to the burning of ye said Cabbin & the quarrell amongst the said Indians themselves, they have the Provisions amongst them for punishing any that shall offend against their Laws or Rules.


p.368, ordered that the Justice of the Peace of King William County call before them the said Chicahominy Indians, with the said Mush, Coscohunk & Tom Perry ... endeavor an accommodation in such manner as they shall see best for putting an end to all quarrells amongst them.


BRISTOL PARISH (Prince George, Henrico, and Dinwiddie counties)

Churchill Gibson Chamberlayn, The Vestry Book and Register of Bristol Parish, 1720-1798. Richmond. 1898.

p.11 Nov 8, 1722

it is ordered That the Church-Wardens bind out three Moll. Children their Mother a Mollatto the names of the Children Peter, Dick, & Nan, To serve James Williams & his heirs According to Law.

pp.18-19, 9 Oct 1724

Hen. Royall petitioneth the he hath two Moll. Children born in his house by Name Wm. & hannah may be bound to him & his heirs according to Law his pett. is granted.


p.21-2, March 14 1724/5

It is ordrd that Poll an Indian Girl daughter to Sara an Indian woman ye sd Girll being born in the house of Mr. Peter Rowlet the s'd Girl be bound unto the s'd Peter Rowlett to serve him & his heirs as ye Law directs in such Cases.


p.24, 28 June 1725, Godfry Radgsdale doth pettition the he hath a Moll. girll born in his house prays the same Moll. by name may be bound to him & his heirs as the law directs in such cases his petition is granted.


Wm. Eaton prays a Moll. Boy name Wm. who formerly lived with Wm. Standback be bound unto ye sd Eaton to serve According to law ye s'd Eaton & his heirs. tis granted.


p. 30, 10 Nov 1726, To Capt Beavil for bur'ing Indian George


p. 36, 24 July 1727, Ord'red that the Church Wearthens bind out to Godfrey Ragsdail two Mullatto Children by name Dol and bidde as the law directs.


p. 38, October 15, 1728

On the Motion of Edward Colwell that peter a mulatt Boy Should be Bound to him it is ord'red that the Churchwarthens Bind him to the sd Colwell to serve according to law.


p. 45, 14 june 1729, It is further ordered that two Mulotto Children by name peter & tom be Bound to Henry Royall as the law Directs.


p. 47, Oct 15, 1729, Upon the Petition of Saml Harwell Junr it is ord'red that Betty and Jno Mullattoes Be Bound to him By ye Churchwarthens according to Law.


p. 50, July 9 1730, It is Likewise ordered that a Mulatto Child by name Ned Born In the ye house of Godfrey Rags Dail be Bound to Him and His heirs as the Law Directs.


p. 58, 21 Oct 1731, Order'd that Two Melettos be bound to Capt Peter Wynn as the Law directs by Name Tom & Will.


p.59, Order'd that a Maletto Child Named Tom be bound to Eliza Ragsdale as the Law directs.


p. 63, 30 Oct 1732, that Ruth Matthews be bound to Robt Downing as ye Law directs. that two Mellattos Named Patt aged three year Griffen aged Nine Months be bound to Philip Morgan as ye Law directs.




Compiled by Professor Thomas Costa, Associate Professor of History, University of Virginia's College at Wise.


17 April 1752. Hunter edition. Run away from the subscriber, living in Hanover County, about the middle of March last, a young Indian fellow, named Ned, about 20 years of age ... pretends to pass as a freeman. Anthony Winston.


14 April 1768. Purdie & Dixon edition. Isaac an Indian slave aged about 40 years, run away from my plantation on George's Creek in Buckingham. He was born and lived many years on the Brook of Chickahominy, and has some connexions in Goochland, where he may probably be at present. He wore long curled hair before his elopement, but countenance and disposition are altogether Indian. Robert Bolling, jun.


4 August 1768. (Rind) Richmond County. Run away the 20th of May last, and East-India Indian, named Thomas Greenwich. William Colston.


2 August 1770 (Rind edition). Committed to the prison of York, a Negro boy, who says that he is free and was born in the Indian town on Pamunkey river.


Purdie & Dixon, November 29, 1770

Prince George County, 23 November 1770, Run away from the subscriber on Monday the 19th instant, a negro fellow named FRANK ... of a yellow complexion ... He has got a wife among the Indians, at Indian town, on Pamunkey river ... David Scott


7 March 1771. Run away from the sloop Betsy, Edward Massey commander, belonging to Mr. Thomas Hodge, out of Corotoman river, in Lancaster county, three servant men, viz., one named Samuel Tailer, and Englishman ... One Virginia born Negro, named Alexander Richardson about 21 years old ... The other an East Indian, upwards of 5 feet and a half high, about 22 years old, of a very dark complexion.


12 September 1771. Prince George. Run away from the subscriber a Negro fellow named Frank, twenty seven years of age, five feet five or six inches high, of a yellow Complexion ... He has run away several times and always passed for a Freeman ... I imagine he is sculking about Indian Town on Pamunkey among the Indians, as in one of his former Trips he got himself a Wife amongst them. David Scott.


3 October 1771, Purdie & Dixon, Runaway from the subscriber, in New Kent County, on Friday the 13th of Septmeber, a Mulatto servant man, about twenty-lne years old, and is my servant till thirty one years. I am informed he passes for a Freeman. His dress is a cotton jacket and brown linen shirt, rolls trousers, drab breeches, and an old felt hat. I believe he is about Queen's Creek or near Williamsburg. Richard Timberlake.


Purdie & Dixon, 24 September 1772 committed to the Publick Jail, from James City Prison, a Runaway Woman named Molly, who says she belongs to Charles Budd of Charles City County ... about forty Years old, has a prominent Nose, and by her Complexion would pass for one of the Indian Race ... Peter Pelham.


12 March 1772. Run away from the subscriber in Dinwiddie ... Mulatto man named Dick, about 30 years old ... has grey eyes, his hair is short, and curls close to his head ... a Shoemaker by Trade and is very handy about any other business; he may try to pass for a free man, as he can read and write ... has got a brother belonging to Mr. David Scott, of Prince George, who has been run away for a year or two together, and brought several times from among the Indians on Pamunkey river, they will probably make that way together ... James Walker.


26 November 1772. (Purdie & Dixon) Run away from the subscriber in Cumberland a Mulatto Man named Jim who is a slave but pretends to have a right to his freedom. His Father was an Indian, of the name of Cheshire, and very likely will call himself James Cheshire, or Chink. He is a short well set fellow, about twenty seven years of age, with long black hair resembling an Indian's. Paul Michaux.


26 November 1772 ... Dick a light Mulatto Slave, by trade a Shoemaker, and was lately the Property of James Walker. He is about thirty five Years of Age ... can read, and may attempt to pass for a freeman ... It is supposed he is harboured about Brandon, or with the Indians on Pamunkey ... Robert Walker.


3 December 1772. Committed to the Jail of Surry County, a Negro Man who says his Name is Tom, and that he belongs to Benjamin Clements of Sussex ... appears to be of the Indian Breed ... Drury Warren.


21 April 1773. Purdie & Dixon edition. Run away from the subscriber two slaves, namely: a Negro fellow named Fortune ... Also a Wench named Aminta, appears to be about thirty years of age, short and well made, has much the look of an Indian, and is so, her Mother having been brought from the Spanish Main to Rhode Island. William Bradley.


13 July 1773. Run away ... a Mulatto Slave named David ... says he is of the Indian Breed, and went down to the General Court, as I imagined to sue for his Freedom, but has never returned. Whoever brings him to me in Dinwiddie ... shall have three pounds ten shillings ... William Cuszens.


10 March 1774. (Rind edition) Run away from the subscriber a half Indian fellow who calls himself Jack Brown, and was formerly the property of Colonel John Bolling, of Goochland; he is about 40 years old. Augustine Longan.


11 March 1775. Run away from the subscriber ... a very bright Mulatto Man named Stephen ... His wife Phebe went away with him, a remarkable white Indian Woman ... I imagine they will both endeavour to pass as free ... Henry Hardaway.


2 December 1775. Bute County, North Carolina. Run away from William Tabb, a Slave named Charles, of the Indian Breed, about 23 Years of Age, with straight black Hair, light Complexion ... raised in Prince George County, Virginia ... William Tabb. Robert Goodloe.


6 January 1776. Run away from the subscriber, the 26th November last, 4 negro men, viz. Harry, Virginia born, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, 30 years of age, a dark mulatto, with long bushy hair; he is of the Indian breed ... Edmund Ruffin. Prince George.


3 August 1776. Run away from the Subscriber ... a remarkably strong well made Negro fellow named Ben, formerly the property of Mr. John Nicholas of Buckingham ... He passed last Fall at Fredericksburg, for a free Man, by the name of John Savage, and has an Indian Woman for his Wife who some Time ago lived in Goochland. It is probable they are together, as she sold off, and moved from her late Dwelling Place in Albemarle, a few days before the Fellow ran away. Any person that will deliver the above Slave to Mr. John Nicholas in Buckingham, or the subscriber in Amherst, shall receive three pounds reward, and what the Law allows. Patrick Rose.


11 November 1773. Run away from the subscriber, last month, a Negro man of the name Tom about 5 feet 6 inches high, of a yellowish complexion, much the appearance of an Indian ... His hair is of a different kind from that of a Negro's, rather more of an Indian's, but partaking of both ... Whoever will convey the said runaway to me, in Amelia County, living near Rocky Run church ... shall have a reward of five pounds ... Dorothy Jones.


15 April to 27 April 1737

Ran away from Col. John Lewis's in Gloucester ... Mulatto Fellow named George ... Ran away in Company with the above-mentioned was an East Indian, belonging to Mr. Heylin, Merchant, in Gloucester. John Lewis and John Heylyn.

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